About infoDev

About infoDev

Great ideas can be born anywhere, but they need the right environment to thrive.

Entrepreneurs in developing countries often struggle to gain the knowledge, connections, and funding necessary to establish viable companies. Yet when they succeed, entrepreneurs can act as powerful agents of change in their communities—creating jobs, boosting economic development, and extending essential products and services to those who need them most.

mLab East Africa entrepreneurs

infoDev, a multi-donor program in the World Bank Group, supports growth-oriented entrepreneurs through a global network of business incubators. We help entrepreneurs gain access to early-stage financing; facilitate mentorship and training programs; and convene entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, and other stakeholders to share knowledge and best practices.

infoDev serves its clients, partners, and the wider development community by:

  • Piloting programs to accelerate the growth of agribusiness, climate technology, and digital enterprises in developing economies
  • Publishing toolkits and case studies to share knowledge about business incubation, access to finance, and the characteristics of growth-oriented entrepreneurs
  • Promoting inclusive strategies for women, minorities, youth, people living in extreme poverty, and other marginalized groups

Interested in learning more about our work with entrepreneurs? Explore our 2014-15 annual report or read about our agribusiness, climate technology, and digital entrepreneurship programs.

infoDev was founded as an ICT-for-development research leader in 1995. Our ambitious agenda is made possible thanks to generous support by bilateral donors and private sector partners.

Photo courtesy of mLab East Africa.

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