Fourth m2Work spot prize announced

Fourth m2Work spot prize announced

Grassroots events drive global surge in submissions


In the most contested of the four rounds, the m2Work team awarded today the final $1,000 spot prize to Israel-based ?Frequent Flyer? for the idea ?The Remote Night Watcher,? a model to monitor and process security footage using microwork.

The winner rose above a recent surge of high-quality submissions, partly a result of local grassroots efforts by the members of infoDev’s network of mobile applications laboratories (mLabs).

Notably, the Vietnam mLab helped innovators to develop their ideas into competitive models, which nearly quadrupled submissions from the country; in Armenia, the local mLab facilitated a brainstorming and support session that produced a staggering 200 new entries in a single weekend.

One of these, a distributed reforestation project called “MicroForester,” secured the first runner-up spot with its innovative approach to green restoration, its detailed model for microworker participation, and its clear, low-cost impact on both sustainable development and the environment.

The announcement comes amidst growing global concerns on deforestation. Illegal loggers around the world destroy an area of forest the size of a football field every two seconds, according to a new report by the World Bank.

In a first for the m2Work challenge, two submissions tied for the second runner-up spot. “Public Sentiment Map,” the work of a Kenyan entrepreneur, provides a thorough outline of microwork-based information gathering services for clients such as election-monitoring agencies, lawmaking organisms, and vital resource allocators. “Personalized Greetings and Love Letters Writer” would hire semiskilled microworkers to write detail-rich, moving notes on behalf of customers.

While the challenge has named all four spot-prize winners, it will continue to accept entries for its $20,000 Grand Prize until the deadline on April 2.

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