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Making money from the Virtual Economy: Science Fiction or Development Opportunity?

Join infoDev on April 7th for this special workshop session during the Financial and Private Sector Development Forum!

An emerging "virtual economy" is creating earning opportunities for semi-skilled and unskilled workers with minimal access to digital infrastructure. The third-party gaming market is worth US$3bn per year and an estimated 100,000 workers earn wages in China and Vietnam by playing online games and creating avatars on behalf of foreign customers.

A growing number of paid crowd-sourcing and micro-work platforms employ workers in tasks ranging from pattern recognition to text transcription. With low barriers to entry, few intermediaries and a high percentage of value generation retained in-country, the virtual economy holds significant potential stimulating local growth and entrepreneurship in developing countries.

The session will offer an overview of the global virtual economy, showcase infoDev’s  Knowledge Map of the Virtual Economy’  and launch infoDev's Mobile Microwork Challenge, to identify new opportunities for microwork that would benefit developing economies.



   Vili Lehdonvirta, Researcher, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology 
      Leila Chirayath Janah, CEO of SamaSource
      Ian McDonald, Award winning Science Fiction novelist
      Torbjörn Fredriksson, Chief, ICT Analysis Section, UNCTAD
      Moderated by: Dr. Tim Kelly, Senior ICT Policy Specialist, infoDev

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