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Network Member Awarded MIF Grant to Establish Angel Investors Network

Located in Colombia, the Crea-Me business incubator was recently awarded more than USD 1.6 million to establish and formalize an angel investors network. The MIF "Support for Entrepreneurs and Mobilization of Capital through Angels Investors" supports new enterprises with high growth potential by mobilizing the resources of business angel networks and seed capital funds.

Among the project components are:

  • The creation of an Angel Investors Net, defining its organizational and operational structure, and integrating business promotion and investment activities.

  • Professional training for local entrepreneurial development consultants, to impart the skills needed in order to successfully accompany investment programs.

  • Transfer of knowledge in order to analyze impact. Analysis of case studies to be shared with other intrested entities or countries.

For further information on the project, visit IDB web page here, or download the PDF attached above, in Spanish.

Por mayor información acerca del proyecto visite la página del BID aquí, o descargue el PDF adjunto (en castellano).

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