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News items (2005): Low-cost ICT devices for the developing world

infoDev has assembled some links to full-text news items from a variety of sources about initiatives, projects and products related to low-cost ICT devices (excluding mobile phones) for the developing world. The list is provided as a general reference for informational purposes; no endorsement of any particular publication or author, or the accuracy of any specific news item or opinion, is implied. (Archives: 20072006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003-2000)

You may also be interested in infoDev's Quick guide to low-cost computing devices and initiatives for the developing world, which is a short inventory of known projects related to 'low cost ICT devices for the developing world'.


Negroponte's Talk at Emerging Technology Conference
30 December 2005 (source: Slashdot)

Quanta's $100 Laptop Challenge
20 December 2005 (source: BusinessWeek)

$100 laptop to be built in Taiwan
14 December 2005 (source: ZDnet)

MIT Picks Maker of $100 laptop
14 December 2005 (source: PC World)

Intel: Poor Want 'Real' Computers
9 December 2005 (source: Wired News)

Intel Calls $100 Laptops Undesired Gadgets
9 December 2005 (source: Slashdot)


The Coming $100 Laptop Tragedy
29 November 2005 (source: TCS Daily)

Government, Intel Encourage PC Adoption In India
29 November 29 2005 (source: EFY News Network)

I'd Like To Teach The World To Type
28 November 2005 (source: Fortune)

Nigerian president lauds 100-dollar laptop initiative for children
25 November 2005 (source: People's Daily Online)

The $100 laptop: A well intentioned waste of time?
22 November 2005 (source: ZDnet)

Kids' Laptop Hits World Spotlight
18 November 2005 (source: PC World)

Computers That Kids Can Own
17 November 2005 (source: Wired News)

Negroponte: Laptop for Every Kid
17 November 2005 (source: Wired News)

UN Internet Summit High Points
17 November 2005 (source: Slashdot)

Free Mac OS X for MIT laptop program declined
14 November 2005 (source: macnn)

MIT suffers hubris over $100 PC idea
13 November 2005 (source: The Inquirer)

Project Inkwell drafts specs for school tech
10 November 2005 (source: eSchool News)

A Computer for Every Kid
8 November 2005 (source: PC Magazine)

Chile Puts Low-Cost Laptop Plan on Hold
4 November 2005 (source: OhmyNews)

Preview Of The $100 Laptop
4 November 2005 (source: Slashdot)

Brazil's bumpy road to the low-cost PC
3 November 2005 (source: C|Net)

A billion PC users on the way
3 November 2005 (source: C|Net)

Low-cost PCs around the world (CNET special section, pictures)
3 November 2005 (source: C|Net)


Argentina Joins MIT's Low-Cost Laptop Plan
27 October 2005 (source: OhmyNews)

Microsoft research aims to narrow global technology gap
21 October 2005 (source:

Technology at the Edge: Near-term examples in low-cost computing
11 October 2005 (source: NextBillion)

Bottom-of-the pyramid markets - the sub-USD100 laptop and the search for the holy grail
10 October 2005 (source: Balancing Act Africa)

Chavez heralds el cheapo 'Bolivarian PC'
5 October 2005 (source: The Register)

Help for Info Age Have-Nots
4 October 2005 (source: BusinessWeek)


$100 Laptop Effort Gains Momentum
29 September 2005 (source: PC Magazine)

Sub-$100 laptop design unveiled
29 September 2005 (source: BBC)

MIT Readies $100 Notebook Prototype
29 September 2005 (source: PC World)

MIT Unveils Prototype for $100 Linux Laptop
29 September 2005 (source: Slashdot)

The $100 laptop moves closer to reality
28 September 2005 (source: C|Net)

VOIP Phones Give Villagers a Buzz
12 September 2005 (source: Wired News)


Chinese eye $100 wireless laptop
15 August 2005 (source: The Register)

Two countries, two systems for promoting free software
10 August 2005 (source: Oreillynet)

Intel opens China, India design centers: Centers are part of Intel's strategy to build specialized products for emerging markets
1 August 2005 (source: InfoWorld)

The Next PC Revolution will be Televised
1 August 2005 (source: Business 2.0)

India launches its first cheap PC
1 August 2005 (source: BBC)


Kenya pilots handheld education
29 July 2005 (source: BBC)

VoIP on a bike: A bicycle-powered, Linux-based VoIP system brings developing communities into the 21st century
19 July 2005 (source: infoWorld)

A Computer Aimed At Rural Users
18 July 2005 (source: ChinaTechNews)

New life in Africa for old PCs
15 July 2005 (source: BBC)

Bringing computing to India's masses
5 July 2005 (source: ZDnet)


In Brazil, It's PCs to the People
30 June 2005 (source: IEEE Spectrum Online)

The $100 PC is key to India's tech fortunes
29 June 2005  (source: C|Net)

Laptops for Kids With No Power
6 June 2005 (source: Wired News)


MIT Eyes $100 Laptops
16 May 2005 (source: PC World)

Indian Company Shows Off Sub-$200 Laptop
11 May 2005 (source: Slashdot)

The Mobilis, Encore's inexpensive mobile PC
11 May 2005 (source: Endgadget)

Here comes the no-frills, mobile computer system
11 May 2005 (source: The Hindu)

Via readies $250 PC
10 May 2005  (source: C|Net)

Indian firm unveils low-cost Linux-based PCs
10 May 2005  (source: C|Net)

Rural India's rough road to computer literacy
9 May 2005  (source: C|Net)

Ultra-thin client to close digital divide
3 May 2005 (source: The Register)

Teach-yourself computing for kids
2 May 2005 (source: BBC)


Small box 'to end digital divide'
29 April 2005 (source: BBC)

Goal: educate world's kids with $100 PCs
28 April 2005 (source: CS Monitor)

Newsmaker:  Why $100 computers are on the way
26 April 2005 (source: C|Net)

Whither, withering Simputer?
14 April 2005 (source:

What Happened to Simputer?
14 April 2005 (source: Slashdot)

Laptops with fuel cells approach
12 April 2005 (source: BBC)

Multi-language, handheld computer yet to reach the masses: Cheaper desktops, donations preferred over Simputer
5 April 2005 (source: MSNBC)

Low-Cost Laptops for Kids in Need
3 April 2005 (source: Wired News)


Negroponte Defends Merits of $100 Notebook Project
10 March 2005 (source: eWeek)


Kenyan school turns to handhelds
28 February 2005 (source: BBC)

Targeting the developing world: Specs for low-cost PCs
7 February 2005 (source: EE Times)

Power Politics Overshadow $100 PC Concept
2 February 2005 (source: eWeek)


PCtvt to bridge the digital divide
5 January 2005 (source: The Financial Express, India)

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