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News items (2007): Low-cost ICT devices for the developing world

infoDev has assembled some links to full-text news items from a variety of sources about initiatives, projects and products related to low-cost ICT devices (excluding mobile phones) for the developing world. The list is provided as a general reference for informational purposes; no endorsement of any particular publication or author, or the accuracy of any specific news item or opinion, is implied.  Please note that infoDev stopped maintaining this news archive at the start of 2008. (Archives: 20072006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003-2000

You may also be interested in infoDev's Quick guide to low-cost computing devices and initiatives for the developing world, a short inventory of known projects related to 'low cost ICT devices for the developing world'.


OLPC CTO Jepsen quits nonprofit effort
31 December 2007 (source: IT World)

Laptop project enlivens Peruvian hamlet
24 December 2007 (source: AP via Yahoo! News)

OLPC Heralds Era of Low-Cost Computing
20 December 2007 (source: PC World)

OLPC struggles to realize ambitious vision
20 December 2007 (source: Network World)

Microsoft feeling heat from Linux in budget flash PC market
5 December 2007 (source: Ars Technica)

Microsoft to Try Windows XP Out on OLPC in January
5 December 2007 (source: PC World)

Microsoft: Stripped-Down Version of Windows XP for OLPC Due in 2008
5 December 2007 (source: Wired)

OLPC vs. Intel: Developing Nations or Emerging Markets?
5 December 2007 (source: TechNewsWorld)

New start-up Zonbu partners with Everex to push <$300 laptop
3 December 2007 (source: Ars Technica)

Peru signs up for 260,000 OLPC laptops
3 December 2007 (source: C|Net)

One Laptop Per Child orders surge
1 December 2007 (source: Boston Globe)


Zonbu Launches 'Green' Laptop
30 November 2007 (source: PC Magazine)

Politics 'stifling $100 laptop'
27 November 2007 (source: BBC)

OLPC's XO Faces Many Challenges
27 November 2007 (source: Sci-Tech Today)

A Little Laptop With Big Ambitions
24 November 2007 (source: Wall Street Journal)

Asus unveils Philippine low-cost laptop
20 November 2007 (source: ZDNet Asia)

$100 laptops? Not really, but $200 isn't bad
19 November 2007 (source: Boston Globe)

Differing visions, with one goal
18 November 2007 (source: Boston Globe)

OLPC XO: We Gave 1, Got 1 to Africa
12 November 2007 (source:  Laptop Magazine)

Linux wins Nigerian school desktops back from Microsoft
9 November 2007 (source: Computerworld UK)

Paradigm shift in personal computing
8 November 2007 (source:  The Hindu)

'$100 laptop' begins production
7 November 2007 (source: BBC)

The First-Grader's First PC
1 November 2007 (source: Wall Street Journal)


Intel, Microsoft sell 150,000 laptops to Libya
31 October 2007 (source: Reuters)

Dell criticises OLPC, Negroponte hits back
31 October 2007 (source: ZDNet UK)

Bringing Cheap Computers to the World
31 October 2007 (source: Time)

Notebook makers preparing solutions for low-price PC market
31 October 2007 (source: Digitimes)

Nigeria shuns One Laptop Per Child
30 October 2007 (source:

Negroponte: Windows key to OLPC philosophy
29 October 2007 (source: C|Net)

Price of MIT professor's '$100 laptop' hits $200
29 October 2007 (source: Reuters)

Microsoft sees progress in getting Windows on XO
26 October 2007 (source: Reuters)

$100 laptop program still eyes India
25 October 2007 (source: CNN)

Laptop foundation production delay means shortage
24 October 2007 (source: Reuters)

Rwanda: Government to Buy Computers for Children Starting November
24 October 2007 (Rwanda News Agency via

Mitac low-price PC might force OLPC to join consumer market
24 October 2007 (source: Digitimes)

Low-cost laptop project for poor children closer to reality, says UN advocate
22 October 2007 (source: UN News service)

ACi Announces Low Cost Laptop
22 October 2007 (source: Techtree, India)

Making computing simple
21 October 2007 (source: TimesNow, India)

SoC supports Windows CE, sub-$85 mini-PC
19 October 2007 (source:

Asus 'Eee PC' to be Priced Under 20K
19 October 2007 (source: Techtree, India)

World's lowest cost Linux thin client?
19 October 2007 (source:

Eee PC laptop posts hot sales on first day
17 October 2007 (source: InfoWorld)

Asus unveils OLPC competitor
17 October 2007 (source:

RCom Brings $100 Laptop to India
12 October 2007 (source: Techtree, India)

Miami firm gets '$100' laptop contract
12 October 2007 (source: Miami Herald)

OLPC is the PC you can’t ever criticize
9 October 2007 (source: ZD Net)

Ultra-low-cost PCs to hit 1M in 2008
5 October 2007 (source: ZD Net Asia)

The OLPC is "retro-futurist"
5 October 2007 (source: The Inquirer)

The $100 (well, almost) laptop is here
5 October 2007 (source: Fortune via CNN Money)

Will low-cost OLPC or Eee PCs bring changes to the notebook industry ecosystem?
4 October 2007 (source: Digitimes)

Lessons To Learn From The OLPC Project
4 October 2007 (source: Slashdot)

Lessons to Learn from the OLPC
4 October 2007 (source:

Laptop With a Mission Widens Its Audience
4 October 2007 (source: NY Times)

Low cost mobile PCs target education sector
3 October 2007 (source:

Great expectations for cheap PCs
3 October 2007 (source: ITWeb, South Africa)

OLPC and Intel Collaborate on Laptop for Developing Countries
2 October 2007 (source: The Tech, MIT)


China-based Haier aims to ship 300000 Classmate PCs in 2007
28 September 2007 (source: DigiTimes)

Portables to power PC industry
27 September 2007 (source: BBC)

$100 laptop scheme extended to help boost 'disappointing' sales
27 September 2007 (source: The Guardian)

Two-timin' Intel pushes Classmate PC in China while courting OLPC
26 September 2007 (source: ArsTechnica)

Laptop Charity Seeks Help From Home Market
26 September 2007 (source: Wall Street Journal)

Is Intel Better Than OLPC In Teaching Kids At The Bottom Of The Pyramid?
26 September 2007 (source: Business Week)

Novatium launches NetPC
24 September 2007 (source: The Hindu)

MTNL, Novatium partner to offer netPC, a Low-cost Access Device in India
24 September 2007 (source: TechShout! Mumbai, India)

Give a Laptop and Get One
24 September 2007 (source: Business Week)

'$100 laptop' to sell to public
24 September 2007 (source: BBC)

One Laptop Per Child proves to be a hard sell
23 September 2007 (source: NY Times)

India's take on the '$100 computer' gets U.S. venture funds
21 September 2007 (source: CNet)

China's Loongson PC to hit Europe by year's end
18 September 2007 (source: China Interfax)

'$100 laptop' to cost $188
17 September 2007 (source: Times Online, UK)

Schools Eye Startup's PC-Sharing Tech
17 September 2007 (source: Sydney Mroning Herald)

Kids' $100 Laptop Jumps in Price
17 September 2007 (source: PC World)

Intel: Govt to make decision on 150k low-cost PCs by Q1 - Brazil
14 September 2007 (source: Business News Americas)

Famed '$100 laptop' now $188
14 September 2007 (source: AP via MSNBC)

Is green IT an illusion?
12 September 2007 (source: ComputerWeekly)

Price up, specs down for low-cost Linux notebook?
12 September 2007 (source:

$100 PC soon to be a reality from Chennai
11 September 2007 (source: Newindpress, Chennai, India)

Talks Under Way to Put Intel Inside OLPC's $100 Notebook
7 September 2007 (source: PC World)

Cheapo Asus mini-eee machine nears production
7 September 2007 (source: The Inquirier)

Asus sets ambitious goals for $200 Eee laptop
6 September 2007 (source: Ars Technica)

Will Low-Cost Laptops Help Kids in Developing Countries?
5 September 2007 (source: Wall Street Journal)

Carry your desktop wherever you go
4 September 2007 (source: Rediff)


OLPC Parts Shortage Manageable, Says Maker
31 August 2007 (source: PC World)

AMD teams up with virtual desktop pioneer
31 August 2007 (source: Washington Post)

Quanta to hit North American market with low-priced laptops
30 August 2007 (source: EMSnow)

Asustek to Launch Low-Price Computer
27 August 2007 (source: Forbes)

Thin Client to the Extreme
27 August 2007 (source: IT Business Edge)

Google Phone An Attempt To Take On $100 PC?
27 August 2007 (source: GigaOm)

Under the hood of the $100 laptop
24 August 2007 (source: BBC)

The Ndyio Nivo Ultra-Thin Client
22 August 2007 (source: OS News)

OLPC team shows off UI design
22 August 2007 (source: ArsTechnica)

Can Technology Save Africa's Schools?
20 August 2007 (source: Newsweek)

Arghakhanchi to have One Laptop Per Child scheme
20 August 2007 (source: Gorkhapatra, Nepal)

Low-cost laptops for Pacific Islands villages
20 August 2007 (source: Matangi, Tonga)

$100 Laptop, Meet The $100 Desktop
14 August 2007 (source: WorldChanging)

Donations are ‘dumping in disguise'
7 August 2007 (source: ITWeb, South Africa)

Hands-on with the Intel Classmate PC
7 August 2007 (source: CNET Crave)

Low-cost PC aims at rural China
6 August 2007 (source: BBC)

Lenovo Targets Rural China With Basic PC
3 August 2007 (source: NY Times)

Just say yes to sharing computer power
2 August 2007 (source: The Guardian)

Mexican Billionaire Donates Laptops
2 August 2007 (source: Forbes)

A computer in every pot
27 July 2007 (source: The Economist)

Exclusive: Negroponte on his Intel triumph
27 July 2007 (source: Fortune via CNN|Money)

Meet the XO
25 July 2007 (source: eWeek)

Non-profit may launch $350 laptop by Christmas
23 July 2007 (source: Reuters)

Inexpensive laptop project says it has 3 million orders
23 July 2007 (source: SJ Mercury News)

Wipro Launches Protos Range Of Desktops
23 July 2007 (source: EFYTimes)

'$100 laptop' production begins
22 July 2007 (source: BBC)

AMD Bringing Web Access to Third World
17 July 2007 (source: PC World)

Intel, `$100 laptop' project make peace
13 July 2007 (source: Business Week)

Intel Backs Negroponte's $100 PC
13 July 2007 (source: Red Herring)

For the World's Poor Children, This Computes
12 July 2007 (Source: The Washington Post)

Commentary: US$50 OLPC a PR KO
10 July 2007 (source: Digitimes, Taiwan)

Dell: 'Nobody Really Wants' a $100 Laptop
10 July 2007 (source: eWeek)

Via launches low-cost PC in South Africa
9 July 2007 (source: The Inquirer)

Shipment targets of low-cost OLPC and Eee notebooks likely to be lowered, says paper
9 July 2007 (source: Digitimes)

Intel Inside The Third World
9 July 2007 (source: Business Week)

A brief hands-on with the Intel Classmate PC (with Linux)
8 July 2007 (source: Ars Technica)

2009: year of the dirt-cheap, $50 OLPC XO?
5 July 2007 (source: Ars Technica)

OLPC ASP to ultimately shrink to US$50
5 July (source: Digitimes, Taiwan)

Intel, AMD Vying To Take Lead Selling Cheap PCs To Poor Kids
5 July 2007 (source:

AMD Project Brings Web Access To Third World
5 July 2007 (source: CIO)

Cheap PCs set to destroy the IT world
2 July 2007 (source: The Inquirer)


Microsoft, AMD Partner on PC for School Kids
29 June 2007 (source: NeoSeeker)

ASUS’ Eee PC looks even more tempting
29 June 2007 (source: Slash Gear)

Microsoft launches new low-cost PC effort in India
27 June 2007 (source: ZDnet)

CMO prepares for OLPC and UMPC panel production
20 June 2007 (source: Digitimes)

One Laptop Per Child to begin SA pilot
18 June, 2007 (source: Tectonic)

Steer clear of traffic jams
18 June 2007 (source: The Hindu Business Line)

Tech's biggest trend: everywhere
15 June 2007 (source: Fortune via CNN|Money)

Empowering farmers
15 June 2007 (source: China Economic Review)

Venezuela Launches Sale of "Bolivarian" Computers
12 June 2007 (source:

Report: 1 Billion PCs in Use by 2008
11 June 2007 (source: eWeek)

Intel's Classmate PC Enrolls
11 June 2007 (source: PC World)

Three Minutes With Intel on Low-Cost Laptops
11 June 2007 (source: PC World)

Hands on with Intel's Classmate PC
11 June 2007 (source: InfoWorld)

Traffic cops go hi-tech at last, Simputers are here
10 June 2007 (source: Express India Kolkata Newsline)

Configurable x86 gadget offered at $99
7 June 2007 (source:

US$100 laptop concept a 'double-edged sword'
7 June 2007 (source: The Brunei Times)

Laptop wars: The £50 computer under attack from a Silicon Valley giant
7 June 2007 (source: The Independent)

Ubuntu's mobile and embedded project advances
7 June 2007 (source:

Asus unveils ultra-low-cost Linux laptop
6 June 2007 (source:

Intel steps up cheap laptop race
5 June 2007 (source: BBC)

Intel, Asus Announce $199 'Eee PC'
5 June 2005 (source: PC Magazine)

The Hi-tech War for Chinese Market Share
4 June 2007 (source: China Business Feature)

Hugo Chavez coming out with his own PC?
1 June 2007 (source:


Which laptop per child?
31 May 2007 (source: Guardian)

Laptops for Rs 20000 in bargain basement sale
30 May 2007 (source: The Telegraph, India)

OLPC wireless tech goes the distance
29 May 2007 (source: ZDNet Australia)

Price rise may scuttle $100 laptop initiative
27 May 2007 (source: Business Day, Nigeria)

The New $100 Computer
24 May 2007 (source: World Bank)

China Produces $130 Computers for Less Developed Regions
23 May 2007 (source: RedlineChina)

Developing World Creates Electronics Niche
23 May 2007 (source: SMT Magazine)

Cheap Laptops Getting Tryouts in Small Pilot Projects
23 May 2007 (source: Education Week)

Intel, AMD Wage High-Stakes Battle Over Low-End Laptops
22 May 2007 (source: LinuxInsider)

'$100 laptop' sparks war of words
21 May 2007 (source: BBC)

What If Every Child Had A Laptop?
20 May 2007 (source: 60 Minutes)

Cheap laptops bring equality to Villa Cardal
19 May 2007 (source: Miami Herald)

Non-profit group to ship low-cost laptops in October
18 May 2007 (source: Reuters)

Red Hat and Intel to build cheap PC
17 May 2007 (source:

Microsoft Says Your Phone is Your Next PC
17 May 2007 (source: Slashdot)

Quanta to start 'One Laptop' project in Sept.
16 May 2007 (source: The China Post)

Microsoft taps mobiles for developing world
16 May 2007 (source:

Microsoft Updates Pay-As-You-Go PC Plan
16 May 2007 (source: PC Magazine)

In Pictures: Super-Cheap PCs
16 May 2007 (source: Forbes)

The $85 Computer
16 May 2007 (source: Forbes)

The "e-green" Revolution in Uruguay's Classrooms
16 May 2007 (source: IDRC)

Microsoft: Why Not Use Your Phone as a Cheap PC?
15 May 2007 (source: PC Magazine)

Laptops at half the price of mobiles
15 May 2007 (source: Business Standard, India)

Intel on $100 laptops, smartphones and the Net
11 May 2007 (source: Fortune via

China: Mother of PC Gluts
11 May 2007 (source: Business Week)

Red Hat builds third world desktop OS
10 May 2007 (source: IT Week)

Learning as easy as pie
9 May 2007 (source: Heise Mobil)

Schools Reconsider Laptops as Educational Tools
9 May 2007 (source: NPR)

Sun aims for ultracheap cell phones
8 May 2007 (source: C|Net)

Ubuntu Mobile to target MIDs, not phones
8 May 2007 (source:

Analysts voice concerns on low-cost PC bandwagon
7 May 2007 (source: EMSNow)

India's "$10 laptop" plans: yeah, right
6 May 2007 (source: Ars Technica)

Another $100 PC is here, but what is inside?
4 May 2007 (source: Hindustan Times)

India Looks To Produce World's First $10 Laptop
4 May 2007 (source: Information Week)

HRD hopes to make $10 laptops a reality
4 May 2007 (source: Times of India)

Asustek to launch four own-brand low-cost notebooks in July, says paper
1 May 2007 (source:


Gaddafi deals blow to laptop initiative
30 April 2007 (source: Reuters)

Behind the OLPC price bump: better hardware
30 April 2007 (source: Ars Technica)

OLPC bumps prices, adds Windows capability
30 April 2007 (source: The Register)

"$100 Laptop" Project May be Coming to America
30 April 2007 (source: CIO Insight)

Laptop project at `most critical stage'
28 April 2007 (source: SJ Mercury News)

OLPC ‘$100’ laptop costs USD $175 + $1
28 April 2007 (source: ITwire)

Does Intel fear $100 laptops?
27 April 2007 (source: CNNMoney)

'$100 laptop' to cost $175
26 April 2007 (source: Yahoo! News)

Intel vs. OLPC: A Battle of Good Wills
24 April 2007 (source: Laptop Magazine)

Can the $100 Laptop Change the World?
24 April 2007 (source: Laptop Magazine)

OLPC board member: Microsoft's $3 Windows fine by us
24 April 2007 (source: ComputerWorld)

Microsoft Wants To Double The Number Of PCs In The World By 2015
21 April 2007 (source: InformationWeek)

OLPC laptop shipments delayed until third quarter
20 April 2007 (source: InfoWorld)

Quanta to delay OLPC notebook shipments to 4Q07
20 April 2007 (source: DigiTimes)

$100 laptop: How to beat the hackers
20 April 2007 (source: PC Advisor)

Microsoft Offering Software to Developing Countries For Only $3.00
19 April 2007 (sourrce: DailyTech)

Microsoft aims to double PC base
19 April 2007 (source: BBC)

Solar Powered Wi-Fi for African Refugee Camps
17 April 2007 (source:

Asustek Readies Low-Cost PCs, Systems would start at under $200 and be aimed at developing nations.
16 April 2007 (source: PC World)

Intel debuts Linux-based "Mobile Internet Device"
16 April 16 2007 (source:

U.S. Firm in Government Deal to Supply 5,000 Battery Computers
16 April 2007 (source: East African Business Week via

Asustek building Classmate PC, prices start at $199?
16 April 2007 (source: engadget)

nComputing Reaches Out To Education VARs
16 April 2007 (source: CRN)

Producing $100 laptops no longer an impossible dream
14 April 2007 (source:

Plugging Africa's kids in to $100 laptop
11 April 2007 (source: C|Net)

Nigerian students power up their laptops
11 April 2007 (source: C|Net)

The Soul Of a New Laptop
7 April 2007 (source: Forbes)

Q&A: eMachines Founder Touts Thin Clients For Education, Emerging Markets
6 April 2007 (source: CRN)

Google joins the technology push into sub-Saharan Africa
5 April 2007 (source: The Guardian) 

Linux misses out on early Classmate PCs
5 April 2007 (source:

Reincarnated appliance runs Linux at ESC
3 April 2007 (source: 


Rural India to gain from high tech think tank
30 March 2007 (source: The Inquirer)

Country Designs Computers for Rural Areas
30 March 2007 (source: New Vision, Kampala)

China's Godson-2E chip to march towards global markets
29 March 2007 (source: People's Daily Online)

Quanta Jumps Into The Ultra-low-cost PC Market
29 March 2007 (source: Daily Tech)

Look out Intel, a new kid's on the block
29 March (source: China Daily)

Low-cost student laptops to run Mandriva Linux
29 March 2007 (source:

Wi-fi buses drive rural web use
29 March 2007 (source: BBC)

OLPC eyes experimental battery for $100 laptop
29 March 2007 (source: ComputerWorld)

Quanta planning $200 OLPC for developed nations
28 March 2007 (source: Engadget)

AMD brings Linux to East Africans
28 March 2007 (source:

Quanta launches ultra-low-cost PCs
28 March 2007 (source: Financial Times)

Intel aims low-cost K-12 laptop at emerging markets
26 March 2007 (source:

OLPC to get speedier hardware upgrades?
25 March 2007 (source: Engadget)

Intel Classmate PC ships in volume to select test markets
23 March 2007 (source: Ars Technica)

Is OLPC Putting a Band-Aid on a Gaping Wound?
21 March 2007 (source:

Dell targets China's PC potential
21 March 2007 (source: BBC)

China firm wants in on One Laptop Per Child
20 March 2007 (source: EE Times)

Intel to introduce low-end 'Classmate' PCs
17 March 2007 (source: The Hindu)

Cheap Laptop Makes Commercial World Premiere in Chile
16 March 2007 (source: The Santiago Times)

The trouble with gee-whiz gadgets
16 March 2007 (source:

Efforts To Make Simputer Simpler
12 March 2007 (source: Tech2)

AMD offers $250,000 prize to help Third World get online
12 March 2007 (source: Ars Technica)

Intel unveils Flash-based hard drives
12 March 2007 (source: IT Week)

Simputer project open sources its software
12 March 2007 (source: ZDNet India)

Meet Sugar…
12 March 2007 (source: Business Week)

Chinese miniPC giveaway targets Apple, Microsoft
8 March 2007 (source:

Digital Textbook to Debut Next Year
7 March 2007 (source: Korea Times)

Games Aim For Good
7 March 2007 (source: Next Generation)

Around the Markets: Taiwanese parts makers surge on $100 laptop giveaway
7 March 2007 (source: International Herald Tribune)

Waken the dragon
6 March 2007 (source: Sydney Morning Herald)

The face of the $100 laptop
6 March 2007 (source: Businessweek via Rediff)

A comparison of OLPC's XO laptop and Intel's Classmate PC
5 March 2007 (source: Ars Technica)

Brazil's first Intel Classmate PC given to o presidente
2 March 2007 (source: Endgadget)

Support may hinder OLPC shipment growth
2 March 2007 (source: Digitimes, Taiwan)

OLPC project distributes second round of beta units
1 March 2007 (source: Ars Technica)

The Face of the $100 Laptop
1 March 2007 (source: Business Week)

Sustainable IT for the World
1 March 2007 (source:


Two ways to bring PCs to emerging nations
28 February 2007 (source: ZDNet UK)

U.N. Courts Silicon Valley To Close The Digital Divide
28 February 2007 (source: InformationWeek)

Low-cost computing appliance reincarnates
27 February 2007 (source:

AMD's PIC Now Windows CE/Linux Desktop Device
27 February 2007 (source: Digital Silence)

The latest cool tool you can't have: Laptops so cheap they're disposable
27 February 2007 (source: USA Today)

Aussie kids may get a laptop each
27 February 2007 (source: The Australian)

Can the "$100 Laptop" Change the World?
21 February 2007 (source: eLearn Magazine)

One Laptop Per Child?
21 February 2007 (source: Radio Open Source)

Africa's Inexpensive Laptops
20 February 2007 (source: PC World)

Another champion for Linux found in China
15 February 2007 (source: ZDNet Asia)

One million OLPC laptop orders confirmed
15 February 2007 (source: ITWorld)

Unenthusiastic about the Un-PC
13 February 2007 (source: Manila Standard Today)

The $100 Un-PC
12 February 2007 (source: Newsweek via MSNBC)

Can a $100 Laptop Change the World?
10 February 2007 (source: Newsweek)

Sinomanic's Low-cost PC Sales Target Questioned
8 March 2007 (source:

Chinese PC maker offers $129 system for rural users
8 February 2007 (source: PC World Australia)

One Laptop Per Child Security Spec Released
7 February 2007 (source: Slashdot)

High Security for $100 Laptop
7 February 2007 (Source: Wired News)

A laptop at $10? Sakshat makes it possible
6 February 2007 (source: The Financial Express, India)

India's vision for a digital billion
6 February 2007 (source: BBC)

Does the $100 Laptop Have a Future in the US?
6 February 2007 (source: TechNewsWorld)

Quanta to focus on NB PC, to launch new products in 2007
5 February 2007 (source: China Post, Taiwan)

Seven Questions: Wiring the World’s Poor
1 February 2007 (source: Foreign Policy)


Simputer project struggling to keep afloat
30 January 2007 (source: ZDNet Asia)

China gets into the FOSS groove
29 January 2007 (source: IT Wire, Australia)

Meeting All the World's Tech Needs
29 January 2007 (source: BusinessWeek)

A closer look at what '$100 laptop' will be
29 January 2007 (source: CS Monitor)

At Davos, the Squabble Resumes on How to Wire the Third World
29 January 2007 (source: NY Times)

Project E-Ghana and Emergence of Africa’s Bill Gates
28 January 2007 (source: Joy Online, Ghana)

The $100 Computer
27 January 2007 (source: Forbes)

Mobile device vendor picks up AMD's PIC
26 January 2007 (source:

AMD's PIC to be reincarnated?
26 January 2007 (source:

PCs With China CPUs In Limited Production
26 January 2007 (source: InformationWeek)

Concerns over $100 laptop  per child project
24 January 2007 (source: Vanguard, Nigeria)

OLPC: yet another bad idea
24 January 2007 (source: IT Wire, Australia)

The $100 laptop is nearly ready, but does it compute?
21 January 2007 (source: Toronto Star)

Computers with home-grown CPU debut on Chinese market
19 January 2007 (source: People's Daily Online)

Chile's Fernando Flores Promotes Laptops For Children
17 January 2007 (source: Santiago Times)

Specs for 'ideal' school laptop released
15 January 2007 (source: eSchool News)

Novatium unveils pilot of low-cost PC
11 January 2007 (source: The Hindu)

OLPC: no consumer versions planned right now
10 January 2006 (source: ArsTechnica)

Public can purchase $100 laptop
10 January 2007 (source: BBC)

Low-cost PCs come a cropper
9 January 2007 (source: Business Standard, India)

Notes From a Senior Editor: A Close Look at the OLPC
9 January 2007 (source: Linux Today)

$100 laptop group shows off recharger
7 January 2007 (source: InfoWorld)

Laptops: easy fix for global education?
5 January 2007 (source: CS Monitor)

Rwanda Commits to One Laptop Per Child Initiative
4 January 2007 (source: International Business Times)

Nonprofit to Provide PCs to Students in Developing Countries
3 January 2007 (source:

Novel software drives '$100 laptop'
2 January 2007 (source: CNN)

Sugar: $100 laptop's bittersweet interface
2 January 2007 (source: C|Net)

$100 laptop project launches 2007
2 January 2007 (source: BBC)

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