Quick guide: ICT a...

Quick guide: ICT and Education at UNESCO

This Quick guide is part of infoDev's series of informal Quick guides to resources and work on ICTs and education in international institutions and donor agencies. Information presented here has been gathered by infoDev from publicly-available documents and should not be considered to be endorsed by the subject organization.

UNESCO has focused a great deal of attention on ICT and education issues, and has published extensively on the topic.

Documents can be found on the web sites for UNESCO-Bangkok and on the main UNESCO (Paris) web site.


The easiest entry point into this work is through the ICT and education portal of the UNESCO-Bangkok office, which provides useful material about Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Asia-Pacific Education, divided into five themes:

  • policy
  • training of teachers
  • teaching and learning
  • non-formal education
  • measuring and monitoring change.

You can also access regional and country information, as well as details about UNESCO ICT in Education projects.

The 'eLibrary' contains all publications and products produced under the UNESCO ICT in Education Programme on one convenient page, as well as selected other publications of note.

Some notable publications include (please see the eLibrary for a complete listing):



Teachers and ICTs


Easily locating resources related to Education and ICT on the main UNESCO site can be rather difficult.  Work is divided between two 'directorates': (1) Communication and Information (CI) & (2) Education.

One place to start is with these resources from CI:

Another way to find these resources is to search on "ICT" in the education section of the main UNESCO site.

Here are some notable documents to search for:

  • Education in the Information Society
  • Forum on the Impact of Open Courseware for Higher Education in Developing Countries
  • Information and Communication Technologies in Teacher Education: A Curriculum for Schools and Programme of Teacher Development
  • Information and Communication Technologies in Teacher Education : A planning guide.
  • National Strategies for E-Learning in Post-Secondary Education and Training
  • New Technologies in Higher Education: Experiences from Chile and China 
  • Open and Distance Learning: Trends, Policy and Strategy considerations.
  • Teacher Education Guidelines: Using Open And Distance Learning.
  • Teacher Education Through Distance Learning: Technology - Curriculum - Cost – Evaluation.
  • The Use of ICTs in Technical and Vocational Education and Training - Analytical Survey
  • The Virtual University: Models and Messages: Lessons from Case Studies

In early 2008 UNESCO released its “ICT Competency Standards for Teachers”:

UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS)

ICT in Education Toolkit

  • UNESCO has partnered with infoDev and others to develop an ICT in Education Toolkit for Policy Makers, Planners and Practitioners.

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