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Quick guide: ICT in Education at the World Bank

This briefing sheet lists a mix of 13 recent World Bank projects in the education sector that have notable ICT components.

These include projects with large-scale ICT components; projects with small but innovative ICT components related to distance learning; projects in small countries with initiatives to equip schools with computer labs; and a notable higher education project with an ICT component.

This list is not meant to be comprehensive, or even representative, but rather to highlight various ways in which ICTs are currently being utilized in World Bank projects in various countries.

More complete information about these projects can be found in the related Project Appraisal Documents (PADs), available by searching the World Bank project database at www.worldbank.org/projects.

Projects with large-scale ICT components

Second Secondary Education Project - Buenos Aires
Project # P064614
Approved FY2001

Basic Education 2 Project (APL #2)
Project # P059872
Approved FY2003
Second Basic Education Project
Project # P009089
Approved FY1998

Education Reform for Knowledge Economy Program
Project # P075829
Approved FY2003

Education Quality Improvement Program (EQP II)
Project # P082999
Approved FY2004

E-Learning Support Project
Project # P075387
Approved FY2004

Notable Higher Education Project with an ICT Component

Higher Education Enhancement Project
Project # P056236
Approved FY2002

Projects with small but innovative ICT components related to Distance Learning

Education Sector Reform Project
Project # P000527
Approved FY2003

Rural Education Project
Project # P055232
Approved FY2003

Projects in small countries with initiatives to equip schools with computer labs

Education Sector Expenditure Program Project
Project # P040650
Approved FY2001

Second Education Project
Project # P004823
Approved FY2001

Education Development Project
Project # P074114
Approved FY2004

Education Quality and Relevance Project
Project # P074503
Approved FY2004

Education Sector Development Project
Project # P070989
Approved FY2003

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