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Quick guide to Internet connectivity issues in African universities

Many organizations are active in research, advocacy and initiatives to help improve Internet connectivity in African universities.  Here are some notable examples:


IDRC's PAREN (Promoting African Research and Education Networking) project has investigated possible long term scenarios for the establishment of a continent wide network.


Two African Tertiary Institution Connectivity Surveys (ATICS) have investigated current Internet usage in African Universities.

  • The initial ATICS study (2004) supported by the World Bank collected information from 83 institutions, representing 40 countries.
  • A follow-up ATICS study (2006) supported by IDRC collected information from 54 institutions in 27 countries.


Initiatives related to improving Internet connectivity in African universties are often linked with of national research and education networks.

A study sponsored by the World Bank Institute, IDRC and KTH calls for universities and research institutions in Southern Africa to have access to broadband services and the global Internet on the same level as peers in the developed parts of the world.

Bandwidth management

'Solving' the inadequate supply of bandwidth will not enough if appropriate systems are not put in place to deal with issues of bandwidth optimimisation and management.


Libraries can potentially play a key role in university connectivity efforts in Africa.

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