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REOI: infoDev encourages Knowledge Sharing through Communities of Practice on Business Incubation

infoDev requests expressions of interest from eligible organizations for a new project titled "Promoting ICT-enabled Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries through Business incubation". The deadline to submit proposals is April 15th, 2008.

Throughout the developing world, innovative entrepreneurs are working to establish businesses that are “ICT-enabled”—offering ICT services or utilizing ICTs as a fundamental aspect of their business model. Business incubators focus on helping entrepreneurs to build competitive businesses through the early, high-risk stages of development. The infoDev Incubator Initiative supports business incubators as well as business incubator networks in developing countries with financial and technical assistance.

To this end, infoDev requests expression of interest for eligible organizations for business incubation grants under a new infoDev initiative titled "Promoting ICT-enabled Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries through Business incubation".

Grant Categories

Category 1
Start-up Business Incubators in IDA Countries 

Grant financing for start-up business incubators that serve disadvantaged communities in IDA countries.

  • Category A - Capacity building grants for existing start-up business incubators - Up to six (6) grants in this category of an approximate grant size of USD 50,000 each with a duration of up to one (1) year.
  • Category B - Seed grants for the establishment of new business incubators in Asia -  Up to four (4) grants in this category of an approximate grant size of USD 100,000 each with a duration of one year.

Category 2
International Working Groups on Business Incubation and Women, Youth and High Growth ICT Enterprise Development

Grant financing for established business incubators to facilitate international working groups/informal "think tanks" on business incubation targeting empowerment of women, youth and high growth ICT enterprise development. infoDev will award up to three (3) grants, one for each of the themes (women, youth and high growth ICT enterprises). The approximate grant size will be USD 50,000 each with a duration of up to 1 year.

If your organization is interested in getting involved, we encourage you to contact the focal points for the working groups as follows:

Women Heinz Fiedler
Youth Stefan Schandera
High Growth César Yammal

These people act as focal points for infoDev during the RFP call for proposals, assuring communication and contact flow among incubators and organizations interested in the global working groups. They also provide consultation on this section of the RFP.

Category 3
Regional Networks on Business Incubation

Grant financing for regional networks of business incubators to implement regional knowledge-sharing activities that contribute to greater local capacity for business incubation, innovation and entrepreneurship. infoDev will award up to six (6) Regional Network grants. The grants will range in size from USD 50,000 to USD 100,000 with a duration of up to 1 (one) year.

Application process

  • Proposals must be presented in English, in MS Word or PDF, and submitted electronically by email as a single attachement to, copy to
  • Proposals should be submitted to infoDev no later than April 15, 2008 and should follow the proposal outline that is attached below.  
  • infoDev expects to notify all applicants within 6-8 weeks of the submission deadline.
  • If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Ms. Samiha Boulos at

For more information about the process or the grant categories, please download the attachment below.

infoDev’s Incubator Initiative

This initiative was established in 2002 with the support of the Government of Japan to provide financial support, technical assistance and partnership networks for technology innovators and business incubators in development countries. The Initiative has provided financial and technical assistance to over 70 business incubators in over 50 countries. More information about infoDev’s Incubator Initiative can be found at or at infoDev's Incubator Support Center, iDISC, at iDISC - the infoDev Incubator Support Center - is a virtual networking and knowledge-sharing platform for incubators and technology parks leveraging ICT to facilitate entrepreneurship and new business creation in developing countries. More

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