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CTIC Dakar

In the spotlight: CTIC Dakar

Only two years after its inception in April 2011, CTIC Dakar has become a major player in the West African startup scene. With 11 companies in its incubation program and 10 startups in its accelerator program (BuntuTEKI), the CTIC team is helping make Senegal a rising African powerhouse and bolstering IT and mobile companies throughout West Africa.

CTIC Dakar is the first incubator of its kind devoted to IT entrepreneurs in Francophone West-Africa. Initiated by the government of Senegal and supported by infoDev, CTIC is charting a course toward financial self-sustainability. Their business model relies on both international donors and the contributions from supported companies—making the success of CTIC's ability to spur innovation dependent on the success of the companies and organizations they work with.  Or in other words, if the companies don’t grow, neither does CTIC Dakar!

CTIC's explosive growth—from hosting six entrepreneurs in 2011 to 11 companies and 10 startups in 2012—attests to the team's success in developing the technology SME ecosystem, including the financing options available to the region's startups.

Out of CTIC’s many success stories, there are two that best represent the progress made in the past two years. SeySoo provides comprehensive medical management software for the Gabonese Government; People Input has become the leading digital agency in West Africa, with offices in Cameroon and the Ivory Coast, where they are making the majority of their profit from building mobile apps.

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