Technology Commercialization Contractor

Technology Commercialization Contractor

Request for Expression of Interest from the Ministry of Education and Science in Kazakhstan
Expressions of Interest must be received by e-mail and/or hard copy to the address below by July 14, 2011. "Technology Commercialization" Project Management Unit Attn: Mr. Galymzhan Edilbayev , Procurement Specialist 010000 , Orynbor str 8, left bank of the Ishim river 010000, Astana city, Republic of Kazakhstan Tel: +7 7172 742739 Fax: +7 7172 742739 E-mail: ; Web site:

Country: Kazakhstan

Project Id: P090695

Project Name: KZ Tech Commercialization

Loan Info.: IBRD 48840

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    Request for Expression of Interest
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    Ministry of Education and Science
    Mr. Galymzhan Edilbayev
    Procurement Specialist
    Orynbor str 8, left bank of the Ishim river
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    KazakhstanTechnology Commercialization ProjectCONSULTING SERVICES Loan No. 4884


    Project ID # P090695

    Request for Expressions of Interest 

    The Government of Kazakhstan is embarking on a nation building program to accelerate the creation and commercialization of intellectual property (IP) to improve the country's participation in knowledge-based industries.   The Government is implementing the Technology Commercialization Project with the World Bank to finance competitively selected R&D groups and commercialization activities in Kazakhstan.     The Government will engage a Technology Commercialization Contractor (TCC) to assist it in technology commercialization.   The Ministry of Education & Science (MOES) executes this project through its Project Management Unit (PMU).   

    The MOES has established an International Science & Commercialization Board to oversee this program and provide guidance to the TCC, as appropriate. 

    The MOES invites interested consulting firms to submit an Expression of Interest (maximum of 10 pages, in English only) in providing services listed in Statement of Work (SOW), below. Interested consultants must provide information in their Expression of Interest that demonstrates their qualifications to perform the services detailed in the SOW (brochures and description of projects they are currently performing or have successfully accomplished similar to the nature, size, scope, and complexity of this project).     Consultants may associate with other consultants or firms to enhance their qualifications.  

    Based on submitted Expressions of Interests, the PMU will establish a short list of qualified consultant firms, and invite them to submit a full proposal with their detailed work and staffing plans, and the methodologies that will be used to accomplish the SOW.   Short lists shall comprise six (6) firms with a wide geographic spread with no more than two firms from any one country unless there are no other qualified firms identified that meet this requirement.   The location of work is Kazakhstan.   

    A consulting firm will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank's   Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers (May 2004, revised October 2006). 

    Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below, during office hours of 09:00-18:00 (Astana, Kazakhstan time), Monday-Friday. 

    Expressions of Interest must be received by e-mail and/or hard copy to the address below by July 14, 2011.  

    "Technology Commercialization" Project Management Unit

    Attn: Mr.   Galymzhan Edilbayev , Procurement Specialist

    010000 , Orynbor str 8, left bank of the Ishim river010000, Astana city, Republic of Kazakhstan

    Tel: +7 7172 742739

    Fax: +7 7172 742739

    E-mail: ;

    Web site: 


    The Project:   Statement of Work (SOW)

    This project is 'deal driven,' i.e., the performance, strengths and weaknesses of technologies & developers in Kazakhstan are the determining factors for services delivered by the TCC; solutions designed and implemented are to overcome the barriers that stop, slow or impede technologies from being commercialized, transactions consummated.  

    The MOES seeks a TCC that will deliver services in five competencies over the life of the three (3) year program/contract: 

      1. Commercialization of technologies into private & public sector markets
      2. Technology evaluation/audits
      3. Design of technology gap funding (grant) programs (to supplement existing grant programs)
      4. Ecosystem building support, including the identification of legislative and regulatory reforms
      5. Development of the local team (to build Kazakhstani capacity to manage a technology commercialization office)
     The winning TCC will have deep competencies to deliver services in these areas, with the commercialization of technologies as the prime criterion for selection.  
      Commercialization of Technologies
    The TCC will provide commercialization services to Kazakhstani developers, scientists, researchers and SMEs, with commercialization services being defined as: 
      1.         License (or sell) IP rights-of-use to operating businesses (small to large) in Kazakhstan or foreign countries.   Licenses are negotiated with domestic or international companies with royalties paid to inventors & others.   Other commercialization strategies might include the licensing or outright sale of Kazakhstani technology to a legal entity (company, joint venture, strategic/corporate partner, publishers, distributors, other universities, research organizations, etc.).   In these cases, it is expected that the TCC will initiate and lead negotiations with potential acquirers.   
      2.         Create new start-ups if the opportunity warrants by licensing (or selling) IP to the start-up. When the TCC determines that a start-up is justified, its task is to execute this strategy in several ways:
        a)         Find, recruit and engage with customers to guide technical & product development for Kazakhstani science/technology through and including development and confirmation of the business model with customers, e.g., product features-benefits, pricing, distribution, etc. and the plan for execution, e.g., purchasing, manufacturing/production, sales & marketing.  
        b)         Recruit a CEO or the COO of the new company, with this person then hiring the management team. Depending on the interest & qualifications of the inventor, researcher, developer, etc., as determined by the TCC, s/he might function as the CTO (chief technology officer) for an interim time, to help guide technical and product development, but not be the SME's top executive responsible for execution.
        c)        Assist the CEO/COO in business plan preparation.
        d)        Raise start-up and/or early stage capital, from domestic and/or international investors.
      3.         Introduce new or improved Kazakhstani technologies (health and education services, agriculture improvements, water management practices, construction, software, etc.) that reduce the time, cost, improve the quality or enhance the capabilities of Kazakhstani government agencies in performing their work.

      Deal Driven Project:   Proven Performance in Licensing & Business Formation 

      Since this project is 'deal driven,' the criteria for TCC selection is based on consultant organizations' results in 'consummating transactions,' i.e., commercializing technology, licensing, start-up creation and raising capital, in addition to criteria like project management skills, networking talent, training, knowledge maps, etc.   The performance criteria for selection of the consultant short list include (but not limited to): 

        1. Number of licenses consummated, by technology, royalty rates negotiated & fees generated from licenses, terms & conditions of licenses, investments by the licensee(s) to advance technologies, products/services derived from the licensed technology. Specify the licensor(s) and the licensee(s) in transactions negotiated; your role in consummating each transaction.  
          2. Effectiveness in working with inventors, i.e., building their confidence in you to represent them, how the two of you identified and approached potential licensees.
            3. Number of start-ups created, by name, industry & technology, products/services sold in the market from licensing transactions, revenues of the companies (end of year 2010).   List by name the CEOs/COOs you identified, recruited and hired to manage start-ups, amount of money raised to capitalize the company, terms & conditions (i.e., pricing, valuation, etc.) and your specific role in raising the capital.   Specify investors.   If the company raised the money, establish the link of your contribution vs. actions of its founders/managers in raising the capital, i.e., just because the company raised money does not imply that you were responsible for this success.  
              4. Your role in developing the business model for start-ups including but not limited to customer discovery, product design, foundation technologies, cost, price, manufacturing, sales/marketing & quality requirements to commercialize technologies, creation of the product development plan, prototyping, final product design and launch of products/services to the market.  
                5. Success in enhancing government services or performance through the introduction of technological improvements that increase the quality and/or reduce the costs of traditional approaches.
              Please specify if your staff are full-time employees of your organization, past or current paid advisors/consultants (or volunteers), and % of time/year they are paid advisors/consultants to you.   Please specify if staff experience in licensing, SME creation, recruitment of CEOs/COOs & management team, etc., was acquired in projects under your direction/authority or they acquired skills, experiences and accomplishments in different companies/organizations.  In addition to technology commercialization accomplishments, shortlisted contractors will have

              - Ideally not less than three (3) years of technology development and commercialization experience in at least one former Soviet Union (FSU) nation

              - International technology commercialization experience in industrial and emerging markets
              - Staff that speak Russian
              - Experience in managing a variety of stakeholders such as senior Government officials, entrepreneurs, inventors, developers, investors, researchers and academics

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