Training African R...

Training African Regulators

infoDev Working Paper #18

The need for improved and expanded training for telecommunication regulators has been demonstrated by the national authorities in developing and least developed countries, especially in Africa. This paper addresses the need for ICT regulatory training amongst African policy makers, parliamentarians, regulators, and judges. However, it is less clear that the systems are in place to identify the true scale of demand and to ensure that those participating in training are not subsequently lost to industry or to the brain drain to developed countries. The challenge is to find mechanisms that are appropriate, cost-effective, and scalable and anchored in Africa.

This paper was commissioned by the Global Information and Communication Technology Department of the World Bank to serve as a companion piece to infoDev Working Paper #16, on “Building Local Capacity for ICT Policy and Regulation: A Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis for Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific - Supply Analysis”. Taken together, these two studies provide the basic research underlying the new joint infoDev / ITU Global Capacity Building Initiative for ICT Regulators (GCBI). For more information, please see

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