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Upcoming Regional Business Incubation Workshops

Opportunity for regional networking and to learn about the impact of business incubation in supporting local innovation

A series of regional workshops on business incubation, entrepreneurship and innovation will be held between July and October, 2007. These workshops will bring together the regional networks of business incubators to raise awareness for the role of business incubation in supporting local innovation, to provide capacity building for incubator managers and to strengthen and expand the regional networks.

infoDev supports regional networks of incubators in Asia and the Pacific, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean and the Middle East and North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa to enable knowledge-sharing, learning and joint activities among incubators in the respective regions.

These workshops are open to incubator managers in the respective regions (the incubator does not have to be infoDev supported), as well as financiers, policymakers and donors interested in learning more about business incubation and the use of ICT to support local innovation and entrepreneurship.  Please visit www.idisc.net/events for more information about the workshops including contact details for registration.

Calender of Events:

July 9-10: Southern African Sub-Regional Workshop - Maputo, Mozambique

July 23-26: Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Workshop - Santiago, Chile

September 3-6: Middle East and North Africa Regional Workshop - Manama, Bahrain

September 17-20: Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Workshop - Yerevan, Armenia

October: Asia and the Pacific Regional Workshop - Hanoi, Vietnam

Learn more about the regional networks in:



Eastern Europe & Central Asia

Latin America & the Caribbean

Middle East & North Africa

Check out iDisc - the virtual platform for incubation knowledge-sharing: www.idisc.net

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