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Updated Guide to Low-Cost Educational ICT Devices

infoDev releases database of low-cost ICT devices targeted at the educational market
In the fast-moving world of technology, the two years that have passed since infoDev's initial inventory of educational ICT devices have led to considerable change. With this new list, a more accurate and up-to-date stock is presented.

Across the world, low-cost ICT devices are being used to extend educational opportunities to students. Devices range from pilot programs tailored to specific contexts to more general use products being brought into the classroom.

In 2008, infoDev at the World Bank compiled a Quick Guide to low-cost computing devices and initiatives for the developing world to try and record the most prominent or promising of these devices.

In this new Quick Guide, infoDev presents a compilation of these devices arranged by levels of commercialization and intended focus. This is intended to aid policymakers, educators and NGOs who aim to use ICT devices in their educational efforts.


Please note that this list is for informational purposes only; inclusion here does not suggest any endorsement by infoDev of the value or viability of any project, program or organization.

The list is meant to be representational, and is by no means comprehensive. In many instances, specific countries of deployment are linked to specific initiatives; this information comes from published press reports and has not been independently verified by infoDev.

In some instances, products listed here are currently only available in developed country markets; the inclusion of such products here is meant to draw attention to various types of low-cost devices that might be relevant to or available in developing country markets in the future.

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