Climate Technology

The World Bank Group’s Climate Technology Program is establishing a global network of Climate Innovation Centers in seven countries around the world: the Caribbean, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, and Vietnam. The centers are locally-owned institutions that provide clean technology ventures with the knowledge, capital, and access to markets required to launch and scale their businesses.

Climate Innovation Centers

Climate Innovation Centers provide holistic support to entrepreneurs and new ventures that surpasses traditional incubation models. The centers offer seed financing, policy interventions, and network linkages, as well as technical and business training. Explore the map to learn more about each center.


Much of the emphasis on climate change has been on urging countries to act to avoid environmental catastrophe. This new report frames responding to climate change as an extraordinary economic opportunity, particularly in developing countries. The report, published by infoDev, a global...

The infoDev’s Climate Technology Program (CTP) turns climate challenges into opportunities of sustainable growth. By helping local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) commercialize and scale the most innovative private sector solutions to climate change, the CTP contributes to emissions reduction...