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An ICT Center and Business Incubator for Mozambique: Stakeholder meeting held in Maputo

infoDev and the IFC commissioned a feasibility study to assess the market opportunity for an ICT center and business incubator in Maputo

The Information for Development Program (infoDev) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) are partnering to explore the design and implementation of effective business incubator models in developing countries, including in Mozambique. This work builds on infoDev’s Business Incubator Initiative, which provides financial and technical assistance to more than 70 business incubators in over 50 developing countries worldwide, as well as the IFC’s experience in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

A feasibility study is almost always an essential pre-cursor to an incubator's establishment and it has multiple uses, from identifying and quantifying the type of services in demand from potential incubator client companies, to pinpointing weaknesses, to building support amongst public and private sector stakeholders.

The Feasibility Study is essential for the success of the incubator because:

  • It fosters consensus and encourages the leaders of local associations/societies to be involved in the planning process;
  • It finds alternatives for dealing with barriers;
  • It identifies important points in the business plan;
  • It identifies weak points in other projects, in order to avoid making the same mistakes.

infoDev and IFC selected Mr. Mark Davies, the Founder of BusyInternet in Ghana, which is a pioneering model for business incubation, as the consultant for this assignment. Drawing on his experience in Ghana and on other incubator models in Africa, Mr. Davies has developed a detailed feasibility study and business plan for Maputo.

The key findings of the study were presented at a stakeholder meeting chaired by H.E. Dr. Massingue, Minister of Science and Technology of Mozambique on November 27th. The attached file presents a summary of the key findings of the feasibility study, including general business environment, incubator design & management structure, services, and financials.

Feasibility Study Presentation - Maputo Business Incubator

During the Stakeholder Meeting there was strong interest in the proposed facility from the over 40 participants from various sectors, including financial, real estate and ICT.

For more information about infoDev's regional activities in Africa, please visit the iDISC regional pages for Africa. You can find more details about infoDev's Global Network of Business Incubators here.

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