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infoDev's Asia Pacific Incubation Network (APIN) Launches Website

In preparation for its 4th Asia Pacific Conference on Business Incubation in August, APIN announces the launch of its website at Visit the site for more information about APIN network membership and current members, capacity-building activities, and other resources for business incubation practitioners in the region!

Innovation and entrepreneurship are critical drivers of social and economic development. With increasing awareness around the world, especially in developing economies, about the need to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship, policymakers and other stakeholders increasingly view business incubation as an important tool to unleash human ingenuity, enable competitive enterprises and create sustainable jobs. Business Incubation in the Asia Pacific region continues to prosper, with a growing global profile and recognition, and to grapple with global, regional and national changes and socio economic challenges.

A large and diverse region, with dynamic economies that give hope to the world in the Global Financial Crisis, Asia has a dynamic and exciting business incubation industry, with more incubators that any other region in the world. Some countries in the region have established business incubation industries with a history of more than 20 years, whereas other countries are only now developing their business incubation industries.

Established incubators in the region continue to innovate, grappling with challenges internationalizing their successful domestic companies, addressing early stage finance gaps, levering Diasporas and developing favorable technology enterprise ecosystems. In the past 5 years, a growing number of innovative models have emerged, stimulated by infoDev and national governments, which are making incubation more relevant to rural communities, challenging environments and combating poverty. These models offer opportunities for replication and scaling up to support women's entrepreneurship, levering urban technology incubation to take business incubation to the village level, as well as incubating grass roots and agricultural technologies.

APIN, working closely with the Asian Association of Business Incubators (AABI), the Indian Government's Department of Science and Technology and infoDev, works to promote business incubation, develop incubation management and policy maker capacities and to support the growth of existing and new incubators in the region.

For more information, please visit the APIN website at!

Please see the brochure below for details on the 4th APIN Conference on Business Incubation

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