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Local needs can drive world-changing innovation. We help entrepreneurs make a difference by bringing them hands-on business coaching, access to early-stage financing, and better entrepreneurship environments.

About infoDev

About infoDev

Great ideas can be born anywhere, but they need the right environment to thrive. Entrepreneurs in the developing world often struggle to get the know-how, the know-who, and the funding to take their ideas to market, to establish viable companies and create sustainable jobs.

infoDev, a global multi-donor program in the World Bank Group, supports growth-oriented entrepreneurs through creative and path-breaking venture enablers. It assists entrepreneurs to secure appropriate early-stage financing; convening entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, mentors and other stakeholders for dialogue and action. We also produce cutting-edge knowledge products, closely linked to our work on the ground.

In sum, infoDev serves its clients, partners, and the wider development community by:

  • Experimenting and pioneering on-the-ground approaches to supporting growth-oriented entrepreneurs in developing countries.
  • Influencing the global innovation and technology entrepreneurship agenda.
  • Developing and implementing scalable programs specifically targeted for mobile, climate and agribusiness enterprises.
  • Promoting inclusive strategies that benefit marginalized groups, women, people living in extreme poverty, minorities, youth, and others.

infoDev's ambitious agenda is made possible thanks to generous support by bilateral donors and private sector partners.

infoDev was founded as an ICT-for-development research leader in 1995.

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