Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean

EPIC seeks to build an enabling ecosystem to foster high-growth and sustainable enterprises throughout the Caribbean.

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Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean (EPIC)

   infoDev’s Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the
  Caribbean (EPIC) is a seven year $20M program funded
   by the Government of Canada that seeks to build an
   enabling ecosystem to foster high-growth and sustainable
   enterprises throughout the Caribbean. EPIC has three
   core activity pillars: mobile innovation, climate
   technology, and women-led entrepreneurship. These
   pillars are complemented by an access to finance facility
   for Caribbean entrepreneurs, and a skills upgrading and
   capacity development program for all ecosystem stakeholders. These stakeholders include entrepreneurs, incubation practitioners, policy makers, universities, risk capital financiers, and other private sector partners.  Learn more...



EPIC tackles Access to Finance in the Caribbean

30 March 2015

infoDev’s Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean (EPIC) organized a workshop in Jamaica that focuses on training entrepreneurs to successfully pitch their businesses to angel investors. Read more.


New Grow Your Business workshop set for March 12, 13 and 16 in Trinidad

27 February 2015 

On March 12, 13 and 16, women entrepreneurs from the Caribbean will have the opportunity to learn how to jump-start their businesses at the EPIC-supported workshop ‘Grow Your Business.’





Seminars geared toward Caribbean women entrepreneurs launched

February 13, 2015

The Caribbean Climate Innovation Centre (CCIC) and the WINC organized the “Greening Your Business Webinar” on January 14th, 2015, geared toward growth-oriented female entrepreneurs in the Caribbean. Participant were given the opportunity to follow an online class by Jim Reid, Chairmain of Caribbean LED Lighting on the environmental and cost reduction benefits of businesses going green.



infoDev Supported Innovators Test Primetime Readiness

10 December 2014

Hosted by Jamaica’s Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, the event, dubbed ‘Innovators-Venture Support Meet-Up’, allowed Harlo Mayne, Jamaica’s “Innovator of the Year” as well as category winners Jovan Evans and Dave Oakley to make two-minute presentations to the audience.


Two Top Caribbean Innovators Win Lucrative Science & Innovation Prizes

2 December 2014

Two Jamaican entrepreneurs with connections to infoDev/EPIC’s training and facilitation in the Caribbean, Harlo Mayne and Jovan Evans, have won awards in that country’s 2014 Innovation Awards in Science and Technology.




Caribbean climate entrepreneurs target big problems with savvy science

24 October 2014

In July 2014, the Caribbean Climate Innovation Center (CCIC), a project of the World Bank Group and its global entrepreneurship program infoDev announced the 11 winners of its first regional Proof of Concept (PoC) competition. Read stories from 5 winners of the competition who developed sustainable energy solutions with scientific innovation. 


Success Story: Patricia Joshua and her sustainable agribusiness paper business

10 September 2014

In the spring of 2014, St. Lucia entrepreneur Patricia Joshua was a selectee in infoDev’s 50-woman innovation workshop series. She went back to work on her paper products, applying the principles she had absorbed. By the summer, she would find herself one of two women from that WINC Grow your Business series to win a prestigious Caribbean Climate Innovation Center (CCIC) Proof of Concept (PoC) grants, in her case, for development of sustainable agri-business paper products. See what drove her to become one of the 11 regional grant winners. 



Caribbean Entrepreneurs Receive Awards for Innovative Concepts

15 August 2014

This first regional proof of concept (PoC) competition awarded grants of up to US$50,000 for developing, testing and commercializing innovative and locally relevant climate technology solutions. Entrepreneurs were asked to submit proposals for innovative products, services, or business models in sustainable agribusiness, water management and recycling, solar energy, energy efficiency, and resource use sectors. Read full story.


Success Story: Elliot Lincoln and Themba Biofuels

4 August 2014

caribbean-gyb-workshopElliot Lincoln is the founder of Themba Biofuels, which produces biodiesel from the cultivation of microalgae. With a Proof of Concept grant from the Caribbean Climate Innovation Center, Elliot and Themba Biofuels now have the funding needed to accelerate the commercialization of the operation.


Success Story: Robert Wright and New Leaf Power

28 July 2014

caribbean-gyb-workshopRobert Wright is managing director of New Leaf Power, and one of the 11 winners of the Proof of Concept competition organized by the Caribbean Climate Innovation Center, an infoDev project that supports innovative entrepreneurship in climate technology. Read Robert's Story.


Climate Innovation Center awards 11 Caribbean entrepreneurs with more than USD 400,000 in concept grants

9 July 2014

cmip-launch-posterThe Caribbean Climate Innovation Center (CCIC) — a project of the World Bank and its global entrepreneurship program infoDev — has announced the 11 winners of its first regional Proof of Concept (PoC) competition. The successful applicants will receive grants of up to USD 50,000 to develop, test, and commercialize innovative, locally relevant climate technology solutions. Read full story.


infoDev Launches Caribbean Mobile Innovation Program (CMIP)

10 June 2014

cmip-launch-posterinfoDev is proud to announce the launch of the Caribbean Mobile Innovation Program (CMIP), to be held at the University of the West Indies Regional Headquarters, Mona, Jamaica on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 in Council Auditoriums 1-2 at 5:00 PM. Read press release.



Grow Your Business Workshops Show New Way for Caribbean Women Entrepreneurs to Innovate and Succeed

18 April 2014

caribbean-gyb-workshopA total of 49 women entrepreneurs took part in the three-day workshops,representing growth-oriented and innovative businesses. They underwent intensive training in GyB methodology aimed at strengthening their skill sets, networking acumen and access to mentoring, markets and finance. So far, 100 innovative growth entrepreneurs have been trained since 2013. Read more.


WINC’s Grow your Business workshops for women set for April 1 start in Antigua

20 March 2014

   A new group of enterprising Caribbean
   businesswomen is set to participate in the
   second round of the Women Innovators
   Network in the Caribbean (WINC)
   your Business (GyB) Workshops.  Scheduled
   for Antigua on April 1-3 and St. Lucia on
   April 8-10, the program is expected to further
   the growth of an enabling economic ecosystem
   for high-growth, sustainable businesses. 

Meet the WINC entrepreneurs, Edition 1

19 March 2014

image   In early April, infoDev will be hosting its
   second round of Grow your Business (GyB)
   workshops in the Caribbean.  In this edition
   of ‘Meet the WINC entrepreneurs’, we profile
   two women who attended the inaugural
   workshops.  Both are serving their clients with
   cutting-edge technology-based solutions. 
   Read more…


Caribbean youths look to create the next top mobile app

6 March 2014

   Technology could place the Caribbean’s
   youth on a level playing field and kickstart
   the region’s stalling economies.  “Technology
   can be the great leveller, not only in terms of
   location but also in terms of size” explained
   Lisa Harding from the Caribbean
   Development Bank. “This is great news for
   the Caribbean.”  Read more…

Digital jamming to the tune of a tech-biz future

6 March 2014

   Caribbean students and techies descended on
   the headquarters of the University of the West
   Indies at Mona for Digital Jam 3.0 ‘Get Up,
   Start Up,’ on March 1-2. The juried Mobile
   Apps competition was the culmination of
   months of preparation by more than 50 teams
   of young programmers competing for an
   assortment of prizes, including a top prize
   of USD10,000. 

“Oscars” for the “Digital Jam 3.0 Mobile Apps” Competition announced

3 March 2014

While several films competed for the Oscars in Hollywood, "Crimebot" a mobile App to map crime hotspots and notify users of crimes happening nearby, won the Grand Prize at the Digital Jam 3.0 competition.  "Crimebot" was one of 160 finalists from the Caribbean region that were celebrated last night at the closure of "Get up, Start-up" conference in Kingston.  Read more...

Caribbean Climate Innovation Center launches in Trinidad

28 January 2014

   The Caribbean Climate Innovation Center
   (CCIC)—a hub designed to help clean
   technology ventures transform the region to a
   low-carbon economy and create green jobs—
   has launched in Freeport, Trinidad & Tobago.  
   The business hub is now accepting applications
   for grants of up to $50,000. 


Diaspora Investing: The Business and Investment Interests of the Caribbean Diaspora

12 December 2013

   A new report by infoDev finds that the
   Caribbean diaspora is a sizeable, well-
   educated, and affluent demographic whose
   large majority is interested in investing in its
   countries of origin.  Supported by the right
   incentives and policies, diaspora members
   could play an even larger role in contributing
   to the region’s development. 

Digital Jam goes regional

26 November 2013

   Digital Jam 3.0 “Caribbean Edition”,
   which builds on the success of last year’s
   Digital Jam 2.0, has announced the opening
   of its new App competition and a series of
   hands-on training and workshops to link
   Caribbean youth with digital work opportunities
   around the globe.  Read an article about the
   launch, or view the press release.

A mobile app that could save your life in a hurricane

7 November 2013

   A Trinidad and Tobago duo won $10,000 in
   funding and mentoring for an app to help relief
   efforts following natural disasters.  The award
   was won through the VentureOut Challenge, a
   competition that aims to promote international
   technical collaboration and innovation.  Read



Enhancing the innovation ecosystem in the Caribbean

10 October 2013

   The Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in
   the Caribbean (EPIC)   conducted its first high
   level forum for policymakers and other
   innovation ecosystem stakeholders in the
   Caribbean last week. Twenty-seven participants
   from eleven Caribbean countries took part in the
   three-day forum, which was designed to increase their understanding and know-how of the business incubation process.  Read more...

VentureOut announces three finalists from Caribbean

1 October 2013

Three Caribbean startups have been selected by the VentureOut Challenge—an initiative of infoDev and CRDF Global—to compete before a live audience and a panel of mobile experts in Chisinau, Moldova on November 1, 2013.  The VentureOut initiative brings infoDev's global network of business incubators to help mobile app entrepreneurs to expand internationally.  Read more...


The EPIC program covers all CARICOM countries except Haiti.  These countries include: Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Montserrat, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago


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