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REOI - Crowdfunding Pilot for the Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)

infoDev is seeking a consulting firm (The Firm) to undertake a pilot crowdfunding project funded by infoDev's Global Climate Technology Program.  The main objective of the project is to test the viability of crowdfunding as a mode to address the funding needs of beneficiary companies of the KCIC.

Apply to selection number 1135196 on the World Bank Group's eConsultant2 portal:

The Firm will source, train, and support a small group of 5 eligible entrepreneurs in their crowdfunding efforts. The Firm will codify learnings through crowdfunding training materials and entrepreneur case studies.

The pilot will test crowdfunding as one innovative model among others (venture, angel etc) to fund clean technology companies. Crowdfunding may help the CICs provide an additional, flexible investment mechanism that also builds local and regional collaboration between entrepreneurs, investors, and the community. In addition, crowdfunding platforms may increase consumer awareness and increase demand for products and services, which could help ensure the viability of KCIC companies.
The firm will be responsible for four major deliverables: 
1. Informational Workshop- The selected Firm will be tasked with convening and conducting the informational workshops that kickoff the KCIC pilot.
2. Administration of KCIC Pilot- The Firm will be responsible for the execution of 5 crowdfunding campaigns, including all industry research, training materials, technical support and monitoring and evaluation required therein.
3. Reporting & Knowledge Product- The Firm will leverage deliverables 1 & 2 to produce a knowledge product that meets World Bank publications standards and includes the following sections: Industry Overview, Business Support Professional training module, Entrepreneur Training Module, Case Studies, as outlined above. This knowledge product may be in the form of a report, new media (such as video) or a combination thereof. Upon selection, a detailed inception report will be produced which outlines each knowledge product element in detail, including a schedule of completion.
4. Korea Crowdfunding Symposium- The industry expert within the Firm will play an active role in one or more panel sessions during a Crowdfunding Symposium, hosted by the Korea Legislative Research Institute, in Sejong, South Korea, in May, 2014. The expert will be accompanied by infoDev personnel. 
The ideal firm will possess the following:
  • Experience conducting cutting-edge informational workshops on crowdfunding for entrepreneurs;
  • Robust catalogue of crowdfunding training materials for entrepreneurs, ideally focusing on developing world contexts (e.g. Africa or Kenya), that focuses on both entrepreneurs and business service providers, such as incubator managers, accelerator managers, or private consultants.
  • Deep knowledge and network connections with industry leading crowdfunding platforms which serve Kenya, East Africa, Africa and relevant international investors, especially those in Kenya diaspora communities.
  • Strong ability to gather quantitative and qualitative data on the crowdfunding efforts of entrepreneurs
  • Excellent project management capacities in execution of the technical assistance to companies and KCIC staff as well as the data-gathering, drafting, editing and publications process management of the knowledge product.
  • Evidence of World Bank-class knowledge products with insightful and concise analytical analysis and clear writing style.
  • Superior project management skills with evidence of product delivery within specified timeframes and budgets.
  • First-hand experience with World Bank technical assistance projects, specifically trust fund process and with implementation of trust-funded activities is highly desirable.
  • Working knowledge of clean and climate technology businesses and green growth sectors, policies and institutions, especially in emerging markets, Africa and or Kenya, is highly desirable.
The consultant will be a firm. 
The World Bank now invites eligible consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services.  Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc. for firms; CV and cover letter for individuals).  Please note that the total size of all attachments should be less than 5MB.  Consultants may associate to enhance their qualifications.
Interested consultants are hereby invited to submit expressions of interest.
Expressions of Interest should be submitted, in English, electronically through World Bank Group eConsultant2 (
Following this invitation for Expression of Interest, a shortlist of qualified firms will be formally invited to submit proposals.  Shortlisting and selection will be subject to the availability of funding.

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