15th International Workshop on Business Incubation

15th International Workshop on Business Incubation





Sponsored by Shanghai International Business Incubator, the 15th International Workshop on Business Incubation on the topic of Venture Capital & Start-ups & Incubation will be held from Sep.2-8, 2012, in Shanghai, China.

The main idea of the 15th International Workshop is to discuss how to identify valuable start-ups, how to invest and incubate these start-ups, including China's innovation system, preferential policies for innovation, investment climate, and so on.

This International Workshop is also one of the major training programs of AABI and will target business incubation managers, entrepreneurs and government officials. We have successfully hosted the International Training Workshop for 14 years since 1998 and about 300 incubator managers from 30 countries and regions have joined this program.

Featuring specific lectures, presentations by leading start-ups and so forth, this workshop is aimed at deepening the understanding of the business incubators located in Shanghai and Yangpu, at expanding the knowledge on support services provided by the business incubators of Shanghai and Yangpu, and at learning how to identify the projects with the greatest potential.

To apply, visit the official website: http://www.ypbase.com/Application.html

For questions or comments, email hexiaoshuang@ypbase.com

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