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2nd Global Forum on Business Incubation

Empowering economies through ICT-enabled innovation and entrepreneurship

The "2nd Global Forum on Business Incubation: Empowering Economies through ICT, Innovation and Entrepreneurship" gathered organizations from around the globe to exchange knowledge and ideas on how the combination of ICT, innovation and entrepreneurship can drive competitiveness and wealth creation in developing countries.

2nd Global Forum, Hyderabad, India

The event convened more than 300 participants from 60-70 countries, including representatives of the public, private, academic and not-for-profit sectors. The Forum provided an opportunity to:

  • Network with other participants to informally exchange ideas and explore opportunities for partnership;
  • Learn from the achievements and lessons of infoDev's Global Network of Incubators;
  • Attend training sessions designed to increase the capacity of incubator managers; and
  • Initiate plans of action for regional and global networks of organizations seeking to promote ICT-enabled entrepreneurship and innovation

The 2nd Global Forum was hosted by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, the State Government of Andhra Pradesh, and infoDev, a multi-donor research and advisory service organization focused on how to most effectively utilize ICT to achieve development results.


The first Global Forum on Business Incubation was held in New Delhi in 2004. The forum brought together innovators and entrepreneurs, policymakers, donors, and other partners from around the globe to explore how ICT-enabled innovation and business incubation can expand economic opportunities for developing countries. The forum also served as the first meeting of infoDev's Global Network of Incubators, which brought together infoDev supported business incubators, and others promoting ICT-enabled innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the world, for mutual support, knowledge sharing, advocacy, and joint action. Since the first Forum, infoDev's Incubator Initiative has grown to encompass organizations from more than 50 countries. Regional Networks have been formed in Africa, Asia, Latin America/the Caribbean and Eastern/Central Europe, forming the backbone of the growing Global Network.

Developing countries, and the international donor community, are increasingly recognizing the power of ICT as tools to create new economic opportunities, grow innovative businesses, and support entrepreneurship. infoDev's Global Innovation Network aims to be a resource for organizations that seek to realize these opportunities, enabling them to learn from each other, and design the policies, investments and initiatives that will allow developing countries to realize the potential of ICT-enabled innovation and entrepreneurship to reach development goals.


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Forum Impressions:
     China's Tianjin Women's Business Incubator and Vietnam's CRC Incubator

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