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Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)


Kenya currently faces challenges that underscore the critical need to stimulate climate innovation and the growth of new clean technology industries in the country. For instance, only 14-16% of Kenyan households are connected to the grid, which is a significant contributor to the energy divide in the country. In addition, climate change increases issues on water sanitation and arid lands that affect Kenya’s key domestic livelihoods such as agriculture. 

During the development of the CIC program, infoDev engaged Kenyan stakeholders from Research & Development facilities, universities, incubators, industry, government, SMEs, investors and NGOs, as well as international institutions operating in Kenya. Working with these stakeholders, infoDev identified the most critical gaps facing climate innovation and prioritized three 


The Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) continues to be a cutting-edge facility to a growing network of climate innovators and entrepreneurs. Since its inception in 2012, nearly 180 companies have approached the KCIC and contracts for services have already been signed with over 30 of these. In addition, the Kenya CIC is now linked with the East Africa Climate Innovation Network (EACIN) - a community of innovators in clean energy and other technologies across all countries of East Africa.

The KCIC has also been highly involved in notable events such as the 5th Global Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, The Next Big Thing Competition and the EACIN Conference.

The KCIC recently partnered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and organized the Climate Change Innovation Conference that aimed to build consensus among policy makers, academics and key stakeholders regarding future efforts to address climate change in the region.

The KCIC is supporting the following priority sectors:

·         Water Management

·         Agribusiness

·         Renewable Energy

Funded by: The government of Denmark and UKaid

For more information visit the KCIC Website:

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