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Monitoring and evaluation systems are critical not only to track the results achieved, but also to guarantee effective and timely managerial decisions, guide the recruitment of the right client entrepreneurs, and forge partnerships across the ecosystem.

The infoDev team oversees monitoring and evaluation activities for infoDev Climate and the seven Climate Innovation Centers (CICs) established in the Caribbean, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, and Vietnam.

Photo: Six stages of infoDev approach to monitoring and evaluation

Specifically, infoDev helps CICs:

  • Develop a theory of change to guide activities
  • Define a results framework and key indicators to track results over time
  • Collect and analyze data across CIC network and use the aggregate data for learning and continuous improvement of our model
  • Design and implement data collection strategies to gather data from supported entrepreneurs in the most effective and efficient way Estimate climate impact of selected products
Samples of online dashboards utilizing data collection to further enhance learning across CICs. 

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