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Building a Network of CICs

infoDev’s Climate Technology Program (CTP) empowers developing countries to proactively and profitably adapt, develop and deploy climate smart (clean tech) technologies and business models. The CTP is creating a global network of Climate Innovation Centers (CICs) that provide a country-driven approach to climate change and allow countries to achieve their green growth objectives. It targets the early stages of innovation, including the key role of entrepreneurs and growth-oriented startups. CICs are currently being developed in eight countries: Kenya, Ethiopia, India, South Africa, Vietnam, Morocco, the Caribbean and Ghana.

The Challenge:

New technologies are essential to reduce the long-term cost of climate change and achieve Green Growth. Developing countries want to build their own capacity to innovate to (i) ensure energy security and increased energy access, (ii) address climate change mitigation and adaptation and (iii) create competitive domestic industries in clean tech for job creation and other benefits. However, barriers to innovation in climate sectors are especially high and even more pronounced in developing countries.  

The Solution:

infoDev is designing and launching a network of Climate Innovation Centers (CICs) to accelerate the development, deployment, and transfer of locally relevant climate technologies. The CICs build local capacity and address barriers to innovation by offering a tailored suite of financing and services that support domestic SMEs. With the CIC’s assistance, innovative enterprises can become more competitively and profitably involved in booming local and international cleantech markets and supply-chains – creating jobs and leading to economic growth.

The Impact:

infoDev’s vision is to create a global network of CICs that promote business-to-business linkages, enhance knowledge sharing and facilitate trade and export opportunities. The network is expected to create over 2,400 enterprises, generate 240,000 direct and indirect jobs, install 3000 MW of off-grid energy capacity, provide energy access to over 28 million people, deliver clean water to over 10 million households and mitigate 65 million tons of CO2. 

Climate Innovation Centers (CICs) Services:

Each CIC provides domestic enterprises with a holistic range of services:

  • Firms can receive financing through proof-of-concept grants (up to USD 50K) and seed investments (USD 50K-1M), as well as investment facilitation at more advanced stages.
  • The CICs offer business advisory and training through mentorship, networking, seminars, and other services that build professional expertise.
  • To improve the competitiveness of local firms, the CICs provide local technology information, market intelligence and access to business/technical facilities.
  • By aggregating firm and industry insights, the CICs conduct policy advocacy through hosting dialogues with government, researching trends and documenting best practices for SME and climate technology regulation.

The CTP program is growing as it rolls out its Global Activities and ensures the successful establishment of the global network of CICs. Global Activities ensure CICs are connected globally to each other and the international community in the following ways:

  • CIC Design and Implementation: CIC LAUNCH will lead scoping, design, resource mobilization and implementation activities to meet client country demand for CICs.
  • Global Financing: The IGNITE Fund will mobilize and syndicate global funding for high-impact climate technologies and offer deal-flow to public and private investors eager to support promising climate ventures in developing countries.
  • Evidence-based Analysis: Climate TRACK will actively package lessons from individual CICs and provide cutting edge analytical products and policy toolkits on supporting private sector innovators in developing countries.
  • Connecting Markets: Market CONNECT will provide software, web-enabled services and networking technology to build interconnectivity between CICs and link promising companies with global partners and expertise.
  • Measurement Tools: Impact Xchange will provide each CIC with a web-based Impact Monitoring System (IMS) to track results and impacts in real-time.

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