Congratulations to...

Congratulations to the 20 Access to Markets and Finance Selectees

infoDev is pleased to announce the selection of the following 20 companies as recipients of Access to Finance and Markets Awards. These 20 companies will engage in a dialogue with infoDev to determine how best to craft a comprehensive package to make their business aspirations a reality. Congratulations to the awardees; we expect great things from you!

  • Acrux Soft, Uruguay
  • Addicts123, West Bank & Gaza
  • alKhawarizmy Software, Egypt
  • Arvus Tecnologia SA, Brazil
  • Chahtech (Chahbani Technologies) S.A, Tunisia
  • Ecofiltro, S.A., Guatemala
  • EGG-Energy (T) INC., Tanzania
  • Ether Voice S.A ESP, Colombia
  • Ibtaker for Technological Innovation, West Bank & Gaza
  • Istanbul Technological Research and Development Center Ltd., Turkey
  • Kabinata BG Ltd., Bulgaria
  • MFarm Ltd(K), Kenya
  • Naiscorp Information Technology Services, Vietnam
  • Nandan Biomatrix Ltd., India
  • SiamTelemed, Thailand
  • SocialWire, Turkey
  • Solar Chile, Chile
  • SolConEnergy LLC, Georgia
  • ThinkCore Technologies, India
  • VoTek for Speech Recognition Solutions, Syria

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