Countdown to the l...

Countdown to the launch of the Ethiopia CIC

March 27 will mark the official launch of the Ethiopia Climate Innovation Center (ECIC), a new business hub designed to support local clean energy and climate technology ventures and create green jobs in the region.

Ethiopia is highly exposed to the effects of climate change with future adaptation costs modeled at up to 10% of GDP per year. Ensuring the transfer of clean and resource-efficient technologies is a key factor in the country’s efforts to mitigate impacts of climate change and foster sustainable growth.

infoDev has identified a consortium of organizations led by the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Center (HoA-REC) to establish and manage the Ethiopia Climate Innovation Center (ECIC), a business hub specifically designed to support the development of locally appropriate solutions to climate change. Specifically, the ECIC will assist in creating climate-smart solutions by supporting the private sector in overcoming barriers to innovation and new technology development, such as inadequate finance, lack of technical skills and poor access to market. In order to meet these challenges, the center will provide local entrepreneurs with a broad range of services, including financing, business training, policy support and network building opportunities.

The Ethiopia CIC aims to support local clean tech companies and generate 3,500 direct and indirect jobs in its first five years and up to 12,000 within 10 years. The CIC’s main social, economic and environmental impacts will result from the accelerated growth of supported technologies over a ten-year period. These impacts will include significant carbon mitigation, increased agricultural efficiency, and improved access to energy and clean water.

In anticipation of the launch, the CIC is currently running a Proof of Concept Competition, an initiative designed to identify the most promising local, green entrepreneurs. Specifically, the competition aims to provide funding to local ventures and individuals in the process of developing innovative climate technology solutions in one of the following key sectors:

  • Sustainable agribusiness
  • Bio-fuels and biomass
  • Transportation technologies
  • Mico-hydropower
  • Energy efficiency
  • Other clean tech or clean tech support businesses

The winners of the Proof of Concept competition will be officially announced during the ECIC’s launch event on March 27 at the presence of senior representatives from the World Bank and the Ethiopian government.

The Ethiopia CIC is part of infoDev’s Climate Technology Program (CTP), which is currently implementing a global network of innovation centers across seven other countries - Kenya, the Caribbean, Ghana, India, Morocco, South Africa and Vietnam. 

Pictured above ECIC headquarters, the HoA-REC building at the Gulele Botanic Gardens

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