Cross-Industry International Conference on Technology Transfer and Innovation

Cross-Industry International Conference on Technology Transfer and Innovation





The Prague Development Center (PRADEC), Technology Centre ACCR and Institute of Higher Education Studies will host the 2012 Technology Transfer and Innovation (TTI) Conference and Networking from November 3rd to November 16th, 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The TTI conference and networking event offers a forum for the professional exchange of knowledge and skills related to challenging issues and advanced practices in technology transfer and innovation.

The scope of event includes 2 conference days (November 5 and 6), post-conference follow-up meetings with target groups, networking visits some fairs and exhibitions. Details are provided in the attachment.

Calling for conference research papers

The TTI conference is calling for research papers on topics regarding -

  • Technology and innovation policy framework
  • Academic and industry innovation case studies
  • Design and models of technology transfer. Stakeholders
  • Academic-based technology transfer
  • Technology transfer and regional economy
  • SME and technology transfer potential

Please see attached file for more details regarding paper submission. Electronic copies of paper must be sent to: cc: no later than October 5, 2012.

Conference Registration

Please refer to TTI conference registration and schedule here.


Send registration interest and forms to, cc:
Call for more information at +420 222 222 799 | +420 775 599 096.




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