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CSBKE Communications Plan 2013

This plan builds on the Communications Strategy approved by the CSBKE Steering Committee in November 2011.

The objectives of the Communications Strategy are:

  1. Presenting the results of CSBKE to key audiences and positioning the program as innovative, cutting-edge, and results-oriented
  2. Highlighting CSBKE as an effective public/private partnership (PPP) between infoDev, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (FORMIN), and Nokia, and demonstrating thought leadership by the partners in mobile communications, agribusiness, entrepreneurship, and innovation
  3. Fostering linkages with the World Bank Group and other donors and partners to ensure the long-term impact and sustainability of CSBKE programs

To achieve its goals, the strategy identified four main communications activities:

  1. Materials/publications
  2. Events (local and global)
  3. Online/social media outreach
  4. Communities of practice

It also set out to package all CSBKE projects under four main themes:

  1. Agribusiness
  2. Mobile innovation
  3. Technology entrepreneurship
  4. Women’s entrepreneurship

The first part of this communications plan tracks the results of CSBKE outreach along the four communications activities from November 2011 to date. The second part builds on the strategy’s successes over the last year and sketches a roadmap to promote CSBKE deliverables coming in 2013.

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