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Cutting-edge ICT incubator set to unleash technology entrepreneurship in Tanzania

Public-Private Partnership Dar Teknohama opened in Tanzanian capital
A new ICT business incubator was inaugurated on October 31st by business and government leaders in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The new Dar Teknohama Business Incubator (DTBi) will support local technology-based companies and other young entrepreneurs with high growth potential.

DTBi works to lower the risk of starting a new business and accelerate the growth rate of early-stage enterprises by providing ICT entrepreneurs with business advice, mentoring services, networking opportunities, and access to finance, markets and shared facilities.

At the ceremonial launch of DTBi, Tanzanian and foreign officials noted with excitement and optimism the potential for DTBi to positively impact the Tanzanian economy. In fact, since it began operations in June 2011, it has already delivered impressive results: a client base of 9 companies, employing 72 people; 38 university graduates attending its pre-incubation program, leading to 6 start-up companies; and 30 students receiving cutting-edge mobile application training.

One of these entrepreneurs is Josephat Adelardo, a young developer of car-tracking software. Thanks to the DTBi network, Josephat was able to meet with the police force which later bought his product. “Furthermore, I was able to exhibit my products at several high-level events. It has given me the confidence and credibility that my startup enterprise has good potential to grow”, he adds.

Eventually, DTBi will aim to host 30 enterprises at a time, and will make money through a royalty money for incubation clients. DTBi complements TanzICT, a larger bilateral program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and Tanzania. Part of TanzICT supports innovation in Tanzania, especially through a pre-incubation facility which will provide deal-flow into DTBi, ensuring a vibrant supply of entrepreneurs. DTBi is a part of the Creating Sustainable Businesses in the Knowledge Economy program, infoDev's partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and Nokia. The new incubator has brought together a wide network of partners from the public and private sectors to ensure that it would be driven by market demands and positioned to offer its clients a supportive environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. These partners include Vodacom, the University of Dar es Salaam, CRBD Bank, the WiA Group and UhuruOne, TAYOA, AirTel, Envaya, Nokia, and a successful Tanzanian ICT entrepreneur.

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