e-Forum: Using ICT...

e-Forum: Using ICT to Enable Agriculture Innovation Systems for Smallholders

ICT can expand communication, cooperation, and ultimately innovation among the wide array of actors in agriculture. This forum builds on Module 6 of the "ICT in Agriculture Sourcebook",and it intends to explore how ICT can improve the concepts and operations discussed in the Agricultural Innovation Systems Sourcebook.

The discussion will explore:

What ICT innovations are being used for farmers to access and exchange the information they need, and for service providers to provide information to farmers?

What factors make ICT-based advisory services for smallholders sustainable?

How does ICT facilitate knowledge generation, documentation, and sharing in support of farmers and of farmer innovations?

What evidence exists of smallholders using and/or benefitting from ICT-based advisory services?

These issues as well as others and examples of successful projects will be discussed and brought together in a report used to inform GCARD 2012 and SOFA 2014. The e-Agriculture discussion is open to the participation of everyone.

Subject Matter Experts Include:

Laura Drewett, ESOKO

Aparajita Goyal, World Bank

Bruce Kisitu, KIVA Agro Supplies Ltd

Ajit Maru, GFAR

Karin Nichterlein, FAO, Research and Extension Branch

Paul Nyende, Rural Knowledge Network East Africa

Enrica Porcari, CGIAR ICT-KM

More information can be found at http://www.e-agriculture.org/news/upcoming-event-online-forum-17-28-september and http://www.ictinagriculture.org/ictinag/node/141

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