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e-Ready for What? A Review of the infoDev e-Readiness Initiative by Bridges.org

With infoDev's e-readiness initiative providing the foundation, "eReady for What?" provides an overview of e-readiness assessments in developing and emerging countries.

"E-Ready for What? E-Readiness in Developing Countries: Current Status and Prospects Towards the Millennium Development Goals" explores possible ways to move forward the e-readiness agenda in the developing world, looking into the potential linkages between e-readiness action plans and the MDGs. To gauge the use and usefulness of e-readiness assessments, and consider whether and how e-readiness strategies can be targeted toward the MDGs, the study addresses four key questions:

  • What did the infoDev supported e-readiness assessments measure?
  • Have the e-readiness assessment processes improved these countries e-readiness and brought related socio-economic benefits, and were the assessments sufficient to target the use of ICT toward broader development goals? If not, why not?
  • How effective were the e-readiness assessment processes themselves in terms of project management, implementation, and support?
  • How can infoDev and other e-readiness initiatives improve or adjust an approach to ICT-based development that aligns e-readiness strategies with the MDGs?

About Bridges.Org

Bridges.org is an international non-profit organization that promotes the effective use of ICT in the developing world to reduce poverty and improve people's lives. Bridges.org tackles the obstacles to effective ICT use throughout society and work with initiatives focused on socio-economic development to help them use ICT to make a real impact. Bridges.org's core work deals with ICT policy, technology research, and ICT project evaluations. Bridges.org fosters real access to ICT by providing information and resources, advising decision-makers and the public on key issues, and supporting grassroots projects, local businesses and e-government efforts.

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