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Ethiopia Climate Innovation Center (ECIC)

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Ethiopia is highly exposed to the effects of climate change with future adaptation costs modeled at up to 10% of GDP per year.  Ethiopia’s economic development requires expansion of industrial activities. Ensuring the transfer of modern and resource efficient technologies and their adaptability to Ethiopia’s context is one of the critical issues faced.  

 infoDev has now identified a consortium of organizations led by the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre (HoA-REC) to establish and manage the Ethiopia Climate Innovation Center (ECIC). The ECIC is a key component of DFID’s Strategic Climate Institutions Program (SCIP) in Ethiopia and the Government of Ethiopia’s Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) vision.


Challenges for SMEs

  • Limited access to R&D facilities and insufficient coordination between researchers and industry practitioners; 

  • Unfamiliarity of Ethiopian entrepreneurs with climate technology as a business opportunity. 

  • Limited access to flexible, early-stage risk capital;

  • Need for accurate market information; 

  • Limited and lacking policy inhibits the creation and adoption of new technologies.

Implementation Plans 

The ECIC will support SMEs by providing financing, access to high-end technical facilities and business advisory services provided by HoA-REC and the other ECIC consortium partners. These include the Climate Science Center at the Addis Ababa University, business advisory experts Maxwell Stamp International and resource management and environmental consulting firm MetaMeta.

HoA-REC building in the Gullele Botanic Garden

The ECIC will focus on the following priority sectors:

  •   Sustainable agribusiness
  •   Bio-fuels and bio-mass
  •   Transportation technologies
  •   Micro-hydropower
  •   Energy efficiency
  •   Other clean tech or clean tech support businesses

The ECIC will shortly open its doors to entrepreneurs, with its widely publicized Climate Technology Proof of Concept (POC) competition already attracting 183 innovators as interested clients. A formal event to celebrate the CIC’s launch will follow in late 2013.


Funded by:  UKAid and the Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Partner: Government of Ethiopia’s Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) Facility. The ECIC is a central aspect of the government’s CRGE strategy that envisions a central role for the private sector in providing a low carbon and climate resilient future for Ethiopia.

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