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[EuroDev Days] Panel: Empowering Women to Reshape the Innovative Economy in MENA

European Development Days 2012
European Development Days 2012





infoDev Program Manager Valerie D'Costa will be one of several speakers at a high-level panel on empowering women entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The HLP will take place in Brussels on October 16, 2012, and will highlight the implementation of policies related to gender inclusiveness and explore the related implementation challenges in Turkey and MENA.

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Key objectives

  • Explore the effectiveness of bringing women into economic entrepreneurship programmes.
  • Profile examples where supporting women-led or gender balanced entrepreneurial initiatives have actually been translated into an effective strategy for sustainable economic growth.
  • Identify the main reasons that have prevented women from fully and fairly participating in innovative entrepreneurship.
  • Consider the role of innovation in the economic growth of the Turkish model. Lessons learned and challenges at the time of implementing innovative technology, knowledge and entrepreneurship in a social/cultural context similar to those in some of the countries in the MENA Region.
  • Reflect on the Turkish public policy response to female innovation and entrepreneurship. Follow the Turkish model of advances in terms of inclusion of women in the formal and informal economy and compare them with the cultural and social affinities thatTurkeyshares with a number of countries in MENA.

Key questions

  • How can we best address challenges in the context of the Arab Spring taking into account lessons learned from the Turkish experience?
  • What is preventing women from participating fully in the economy? Is there a relation between the lack of inclusiveness in economic models and the lack of innovation in many of the countries in the region?
  • What policy recommendations at a regional (or sub-regional) level promote innovative business models focused on the inclusion of women in entrepreneurial processes? 

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