Evaluation of ICT-...

Evaluation of ICT-supported Teacher Professional Development

Excerpted from the infoDev publication, Using Technology to Train Teachers: Appropriate Uses of ICT for Teacher Professional Development in Developing Countries.

Guiding questions

  • Which ICT-supported initiatives include teacher professional development? How can their evaluation be enhanced to build understanding of teachers’ needs, barriers to success,
    and eff ective approaches?
  • Which initiatives have plans in place for impact evaluation? How can these plans be leveraged to strengthen capacity for project evaluation?
  • What will be done with the results of these evaluations?


  • Key Concepts in Project Evaluation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Defined
  • Evaluation Concepts
  • Evaluation as Part of a TPD Plan
  • Creating and Conducting Evaluations
  • Formative Evaluation and IRI
  • Key Steps in Evaluating Projects
  • Additional Suggestions
  • Web Resources

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