Experience the Mob...

Experience the Mobile Startup Camp

Seven lectures from infoDev's Mobile Startup Camp are now available to stream.  The videos provide insights on how early-stage entrepreneurs can succeed.  

Last November, infoDev invited 18 early-stage mobile entrepreneurs to Washington, DC to participate in its first
Mobile Startup CampThe five-day program of lectures and hands on workshops provided participants with an opportunity to refine their product strategies, business models and marketing pitches, sharpen their negotiating skills, and network with investors and peers. These sessions were led by a select group of top coaches and mentors with extensive experience supporting entrepreneurs on their journey from ‘mind to market’.

Videos for several of these lectures are now available to stream online, including:  

Business Modeling Methodologies - What is the business model canvas and how can it help you understand, design and differentiate your business model? 

Raising Smart Capital and the Role of Mentors and Accelerators - What is the right type of capital for your business and how do you raise it?  What are the pros and cons of mentors and accelerators? 

Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs - What are the different types of crowdfunding, and what is the future of the industry in developing countries?

State of Entrepreneurial Finance:  VCs, Angels, Super Angels and the Creative Other - What are the different types of startup financiers, and how do they operate?  

Business Development Insights - What does ‘business development’ really mean, why is it important, and how can an entrepreneur get it done?

Monetization - How do you develop a monetization strategy for your mobile app?

Marketing and Distribution - How can you use a simple framework to develop your marketing strategy?

To view the sessions, and to learn more about the participants, visit the Mobile Startup Camp webpage.  

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