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infoDev is seeking to hire an Access to Finance Specialist (ETC) to be part of its Access to Finance Team. This position is based at the World Bank's headquarters in Washington, DC. The application deadline is August 10, 2014.

To apply, follow instructions on the World Bank jobs portal
Background and General Description
infoDev (www.infodev.org) is a global innovation and entrepreneurship program within the Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice in the World Bank Group. It started in 1995 and has field experience from more than 70 developing countries across the globe.
infoDev works to promote competitiveness, inclusive growth and job creation by enabling the growth of new ventures. infoDev achieves its development objective by creating and testing new models for providing early-stage ventures with the non-financial and financial services needed to increase the competitiveness and growth of the enterprise. infoDev does not support entrepreneurs directly. Rather, it builds the institutional capacity of intermediaries such as business enablers and early-stage financiers to deliver such services in the long term. infoDev works with both governmental and non-governmental actors and prides itself in fostering effective public-private partnerships. As a global program, one of its key assets is the ability to leverage its global presence to facilitate international peer-to-peer learning and business-to-business linkages. 
infoDev supports growth-oriented entrepreneurs in the fields of mobile innovation, climate technology and agribusiness, while emphasizing access to finance solutions and women’s entrepreneurship. Through these activities, we can propel growth in the local markets, while facilitating innovative methods to sustain and enhance livelihoods.
  • The Mobile Innovation Program (MIP) supports growth-oriented mobile apps businesses, by: a) Enabling entrepreneurship in the mobile industry, b) Building mobile innovation communities, and c) Researching the app economy of emerging markets.
  • The Climate Technology Program (CTP) accelerates climate technology innovation and entrepreneurship in developing countries, aiming to transform climate change challenges into market opportunities.
  • The Agribusiness Innovation Program (AIP) seeks to catalyze the green growth of a competitive agro-processing sector and, in turn, harness greater developmental gains in the form of inclusive and sustainable growth and job creation.
  • The Access to Finance program helps high-growth startups gain access to the early-stage capital and mentorship necessary to launch businesses and thrive.
  • We promote the role of Women Entrepreneurs who establish companies, spur innovation, create jobs, and the drive the charge toward gender equality in the developing world.
infoDev's ambitious agenda, which is funded through Trust Funds supported by Donors, includes the following:
The Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Carribean (EPIC), a seven year program funded by the government of Canada, aims to help develop a robust ecosystem to promote inclusive development in the region. EPIC helps growth oriented Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the Caribbean region use small business incubation as a tool to help technology enabled start-up entrepreneurs and grow competitive industries. The capacity of incubator managers and policymakers to support MSME development is an area of focus, as is the special needs of Caribbean women entrepreneurs. The program will also provide seed funding to promising MSMEs to help them successfully scale their operations, in recognition of the fact that access to finance is an important barriers for these enterprises to succeed.  
The “Climate Technology Program (CTP)” empowers developing countries to proactively and profitably adapt, develop and deploy climate smart technologies and business models.  The CTP is creating a global network of Climate Innovation Centers (CICs) that provide a country-driven approach to climate change and allow countries to achieve their green growth objectives. It targets the early stages of innovation, including the key role of growth-oriented startups and other ventures. CICs are currently operating in four countries (Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and the Caribbean) and will shortly be launched in four other countries (Ghana, India, Vietnam and Morocco). Each CIC provides domestic enterprises with a holistic range of services: financing through proof-of-concept grants, seed capital investments, and investment facilitation; business advisory and training through mentorship; networking, seminars, and other services that build professional expertise; technology information; market intelligence; and access to business/technical facilities. As the CTP continues to implement the country-based CICs mentioned above, it is also scaling up coordinated global activities that complement and leverage bottom-up in-country activities at the national level. A global network of CICs will facilitate and catalyze cross border, south-south, and north-south collaboration, market access and sharing of knowledge and contacts. The CTP Global Business Lines work together to create common knowledge resources for the CICs and other business enablers, leverage and disseminate the knowledge and lessons captured from the CICs, design and test new local and global climate innovation support mechanisms.
In FY14, infoDev also launched a major new programmatic multi donor trust fund (MDTF) to become the platform for delivery of infoDev’s work program over next five year period. Under this MDTF, infoDev will deliver a range of products and services at the country, regional and global levels.
The infoDev team is led by the infoDev Program Manager and includes Program Coordinators (PC), Task Managers (TM) and core program teams. The Program Manager provides strategic guidance, makes linkages between programs and oversees relations with donors, the Bank and IFC, and other partners. PCs are responsible for overall coordination and delivery of infoDev’s work program, while TMs manage individual projects, activities and thematic areas. infoDev is assisted by a core team handling areas such as operations, communications, resource management and administration.
Note: The duration of the appointment is one year with an option to extend for an additional year based on business needs and satisfactory performance.
Duties and Accountabilities
As part of its innovation and technology entrepreneurship agenda, infoDev created an Access to Finance (A2F) work program, focusing on how best to assist innovative and technology-enabled enterprises to gain access to the right sorts of seed finance and to grow new markets. infoDev seeks to do this via the design and development of new financing facilities, creating and strengthening enterprise enablers, such as incubators, accelerators, and angel and mentor networks, and working with a range of public and private sector partners in the area of new venture and start up financing and technical assistance. With this goal of “mentorship based capital” for start-ups in mind, infoDev aims to pilot regional early-stage financing vehicles and undertake an analytical agenda around these issues.
infoDev is seeking to hire an A2F Specialist to be part of a A2F Team and will report to the Program Manager or a supervisor designated by the Program Manager. Specifically, the A2F Specialist will be tasked to:
  • Design, implement and oversee a range of A2F projects and activities, in line with the results agreed with infoDev’s donors, and according to the fiduciary requirements of the World Bank, the implementing capacity of the client countries, and the specific needs of local business communities. This includes scoping and feasibility analyses, efficient and cost-effective project planning and implementation, regular interaction and engagement with a range of local stakeholders in the client countries from the public, private and NGO communities, and regular briefings to Bank and IFC colleagues to ensure that these projects support and are consistent with larger World Bank and IFC private sector development goals;
  • Provide detailed advice and hands-on technical assistance to a range of Bank/IFC colleagues, client countries and other relevant stakeholders on good practices, international trends and developments for assisting small business entrepreneurs, and regularly keeping pace with innovative new approaches to assisting SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs and innovators in the developing world;
  • Be part of the team that designs and implements new thematic accelerators and incubators, such as mobile applications labs, agriculture innovation and entrepreneurship centers and climate innovation centers, focusing on the financing dimensions of these projects;
  • Work with the team to develop a comprehensive A2F strategy for infoDev including assessment of client needs, development of products infoDev can offer, and an appropriate approach for design and deployment compliant with World Bank Group procedures and processes;
  • Seek and realize opportunities to develop and deploy infoDev A2F products in conjunction with other relevant World Bank Group initiatives and projects and forge close links to the appropriate WBG units and teams;
  • Implement A2F products consistent with relevant World Bank procedures including procurement guidelines; procedures for grants; environmental and social safeguards and financial management (FM);
  • Develop and pursue strategies to leverage infoDev A2F products and related funding by drawing in additional funding sources, including other World Bank projects, other bi- and multi-lateral development agencies, client governments, and commercial and impact investors;
  • Keep up-to-date on latest developments in the dynamic A2F sector liasing with impact investors, seed funding facilities and others working in this field with the view to forging links for infoDev to these other actors;
  • Create or catalyze regional angel/mentor networks that benefit from diaspora and other national and international angel networks;
  • Investigate innovative mechanisms to lower transaction costs for scale-down investments in the $25,000 to $1 Million range.
Selection Criteria
  • At least a Master’s degree in business administration, finance or similar discipline and minimum five to seven years of related Bank and/or external experience. Experience in the World Bank would be a plus;
  • Understanding of and experience with the A2F needs on entrepreneurs, SMEs and other new ventures in client countries
  • Understanding of and experience working with financial products blending concessional with more commercial funding
  • Understanding of how provision of appropriate financing can fit within a holistic package of services (e.g., business advisory services) to assist entrepreneurs, SMEs and other new ventures in client countries.
  • Desire to develop and implement innovative A2F approaches and products for developing countries.
  • Experience working in climate technology sectors (renewable energy, energy efficiency, agriculture and water supply) considered a plus.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of business incubation, business acceleration, and other relevant means of enabling early-stage enterprises to start and grow;
  • Knowledge of innovation support systems, including relevant actors, such as financiers, R&D and/or university institutions, government ministries, and other local and international organizations and actors;
  • Demonstrated understanding of World Bank Group instruments and operations, including the relevant guidelines, procedures and fiduciary requirements will be a plus;
  • Excellent project management skills and track record in successfully planning and executing projects in developing countries or emerging markets;
  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to communicate effectively with staff, clients and partners at junior and senior levels;
  • Excellent writing skills and command of the English language.
  • Ability to work independently, willingness to learn, a positive, energetic and ambitious work attitude, and aptitude to work within a team environment; 
  • Results orientation; and
  • Capacity to manage multiple complex tasks in parallel.
  • Operational Project Management - Demonstrates broad knowledge of project management tools & methodologies; identifies key risks and mitigation measures; interprets background analysis and proposed solutions. 
  • T&C Knowledge & Experience - Demonstrates broad knowledge of the core issues in T&C's strategies and policies, and promotes T&C agenda and expertise in the Country Office and in the financial and/or private sector stakeholders. 
  • Client Orientation - Takes personal responsibility and accountability for timely response to client queries, requests or needs, working to remove obstacles that may impede execution or overall success. 
  • Drive for Results - Takes personal ownership and accountability to meet deadlines and achieve agreed-upon results, and has the personal organization to do so. 
  • Teamwork (Collaboration) and Inclusion - Collaborates with other team members and contributes productively to the team's work and output, demonstrating respect for different points of view. 
  • Knowledge, Learning and Communication - Actively seeks knowledge needed to complete assignments and shares knowledge with others, communicating and presenting information in a clear and organized manner. 
  • Business Judgment and Analytical Decision Making - Analyzes facts and data to support sound, logical decisions regarding own and others' work.

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