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Global Good Practice in Incubation Policy Development and Implementation: South Africa Case Study

This case study has been produced as part of the World Bank infoDev project on developing a policy framework and implementation strategy for business incubators in Ghana. The purpose of the case study is to analyse public policy in incubator development and identify some critical success factors which should be considered in the development of incubators in Ghana. The South African study was conducted using desk research and in-country interviews with some of the key players involved with incubator development, including government officials and incubator managers.

The South African economy is seen as one of the most advanced in Africa.

The country boasts a sophisticated financial system with a stock exchange that is the 17th largest in the world. The physical, telecommunications, legal and transport infrastructures are well developed with an efficient distribution network to major cities in the country and beyond.

This report analyzes South Africa's:

  • entrepreneurial activity
  • obstacles to new venture creation
  • SME development adn policy framework
  • incubation model

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