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ICT Policy Notes 1: Broadband and Job Creation

Policies promoting broadband deployment and use will enable sustainable ICT-based job creation
Countries are keen to stimulate economic growth and job creation during the ongoing economic crisis. Some have initiated national broadband programs to stimulate innovation and knowledge-based growth and job creation. This policy note discusses broadband-enabled job creation. Broadband networks and services deployment immediately create jobs. However, transformational uses of broadband could have wider effects, albeit over a longer period and with more uneven outcomes. The note proposes that countries could accelerate long-term job creation by addressing both supply and demand sides: by promoting investment in the deployment of networks and services and by building the capacity of businesses and citizens to absorb and use broadband.

ICT Policy Notes is a series that highlights transformative analytical and operational work and discusses emerging policy issues in the information and communication technologies sector. Policy Notes are authored and published by staff of the World Bank’s ICT Unit.

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