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ICT Specialist in Education

infoDev is seeking a seasoned and proactive ICT Specialist in Education with excellent research, organizational and interpersonal skills. The position is a coterminous World Bank GF-level term appointment for 2 years, which may be extended.  For internal World Bank applicants, a re-entry guarantee from the applicant’s department should be sought after selection.

Duties and Accountabilities

The ICT Specialist will work to advance initiatives under infoDev's 'Mainstreaming of ICT' theme, specializing in the embedding and integration of ICT in the education sector.  The successful candidate will have a proven track record and field experience in implementing development projects or technical assistance activities, with a clear focus on facilitating the use of ICT as a tool to help meet core development objectives.

As part of his/her duties and responsibilities, the ICT Specialist will be expected to:

• Develop and implement a work program for infoDev on the use of ICT in the education sector, as part of a team investigating the “Mainstreaming of ICT” in all social sectors (including health, rural livelihoods, public sector governance and the environment);

• Advance infoDev's analytical agenda on "Mainstreaming of ICT" issues in the education sector by researching, analyzing and proposing cutting-edge areas of work for infoDev on topics such as monitoring and evaluation, low cost ICT user devices, teacher professional development, electronic learning materials, total cost of ownership, policymakers support tools;

• Work to assure the quality, intellectual rigor and development impact of infoDev's knowledge products and analytical agenda related to ICT use in the education sector;

• Develop and manage online communities of practice to share expertise and generate best practices;

• Develop and maintain key partnerships with other organizations, including close liaison with counterparts from the World Bank, to help advance infoDev’s work program and align it with related initiatives and activities;

• Where appropriate, participate as an ICT expert in World Bank project teams and international events, projects and forums on behalf of infoDev.

Selection Criteria

• An advanced degree in a relevant field (education, public policy, law, information systems or technology, ICT, engineering, economics or related field) plus minimum 5 years of directly related World Bank, international donor and/or external experience.

• Demonstrated intellectual leadership and ability to think strategically about the use of ICT in education in developing countries as a tool to help meet various developmental objectives.

• Proven recognition as an expert in the field of ICT and education, as demonstrated by a track record in field experience and/or publications, in a national, regional or international capacity.

• Experience in monitoring and evaluation of education and/or ICT sector projects.

• Strong analytical skills and excellent written and verbal communications skills in English.  Excellent analytical and writing skills.

• Experience in participating in professional work teams and a strong sense of team spirit and individual initiative.

• Proven ability to deliver complex projects and activities on time and within budget.

• Strong diplomatic, inter-personal and inter-cultural communications skills.

• Ability to deal with complex technological issues in a non-technical manner.

• Excellent command of digital information resources and information technology.

How to Apply

You may apply for this job (#080975) on-line by visiting the World Bank web site at http://extjobs.worldbank.org/external/default/main?pagePK=64273552&JobNo=080975

Deadline for application: 16 May 2008

The World Bank Group is committed to achieving diversity in terms of gender, nationality, culture and educational background. Individuals with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.  infoDev is committed to maintenance of work-life balance for its staff.

About the organization

The GICT Department is a joint World Bank / IFC Department.  It includes a World Bank policy division (CITPO), IFC investment and portfolio divisions and the Information for Development Program (infoDev).  GICT provides governments, private companies, and non-government organizations with the capital and expertise needed to develop and apply information and communication technologies to reduce poverty and foster development, including: (a) advising governments on policies and regulations that create a positive investment climate for telecommunications, postal services, and e-applications; (b) structuring innovative transactions that attract private investment; (c) providing direct investment in private sector information and communications infrastructure, services, and technology companies; and (d) making grants to innovative projects and disseminating lessons learned.

About infoDev

The Information for Development Program (infoDev – www.infodev.org) is a consortium of public international development organizations and other partners, facilitated by a secretariat at the World Bank, which is a founder of and major donor to infoDev, under the Global Information and Communication Technologies (GICT) Department.  infoDev’s mission is to help developing countries and their international partners use information and communication broadly and effectively as tools of poverty reduction and sustainable economic development, so as to realize the Millennium Development Goals. Its work is rooted in the conviction that information and communication are indispensable elements of effective institutions, markets and societies.

InfoDev pursues its mission through an integrated set of activities that includes:

• Support for innovation in the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) to the specific challenges facing poor people and communities, and for innovative approaches to extending access to ICT;

• Research, analysis, evaluation and monitoring of global experience in applying ICT to development challenges, with a particular focus on best practices and on the enabling conditions for success;

• Support for research, innovation, capacity building and global/regional dialogue and knowledge-sharing to create policy and regulatory frameworks, public expenditure priorities, and enabling environments for increased access to information and communications opportunities;

• Support for innovative approaches to expanding the role of the private sector in scaling up successful ICT applications, expanding ICT access, and harnessing ICT as tools of broader economic growth and efficiency, including a major program of support for ICT-related new business incubation in developing countries.

infoDev’s research strategy and work program focuses on three main themes: mainstreaming of ICT, ensuring access for all to ICT and encouraging ICT-enabled innovation and entrepreneurship. For more specific background on infoDev’s recent activities related to ICT use in education in developing countries, please visit www.infodev.org/education.

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