From ideas to innovations in Africa: Join the OIAS Ideas Project Challenge!

From ideas to innovations in Africa: Join the OIAS Ideas Project Challenge!

Deadline May 2, 2012
Join this Open Innovation Africa Summit "pre-brainstorming" session and have your ideas heard by OIAS 2012 participants in Nairobi, Kenya, on May 28-30, 2012. Ideators behind the top three ideas will be sponsored to participate in OIAS!

The Open Innovation Africa Summit (OIAS) brings together key stakeholders from the African Innovation Ecosystem engaging them in a debate about the nature and special characteristics of the Innovation Ecosystem for Africa. The goal of the OIAS series - first held in 2010 - is to cultivate a reflective mindset among participants that aids them to stimulate and support economic activities and innovation in their own local contexts. The success of the OIAS is the result of partnerships between Nokia, infoDev, Capgemini and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

The OIAS 2012 Ideas Project Challenge

We want to make it easier for innovators to realise their ideas and bold visions. For that we need societal, structural, financial, technical development, and innovation leadership in Africa.

We look for action. We look for change.

How can we make this to happen at all levels? Individual, community and institutional. What empowers people to better drive their ideas in business, society or life? How can we encourage people to share and collaborate better for innovation? What societal, structural, financial or technological idea would boost innovation leadership?

Come up with an idea of a tool or practice on how to ensure that ideas in Africa turn into shining innovations and successful businesses!

Click here to join the OIAS 2012 Ideas Project Challenge!

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