Improving Competit...

Improving Competitiveness and Increasing Economic Growth in Tanzania: The Role of ICTs

Final Report
This report aims to define the appropriate role of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) in elevating the growth and competitiveness of Tanzania, and to identify actions that will facilitate this role.

The report includes the following:

  • An assessment of Tanzania’s current economic situation and the barriers to growth and competitiveness;
  • A broader discussion of growth and competitiveness as a model for revealing a nation’s unique development path;
  • An evaluation of this model within the Tanzania context; and
  • A perspective on the most urgent choices facing Tanzania today is captured in a recommendations section at the end of the study.

This report is part of infoDev's growing series of country studies on ICT, growth and competitiveness, which includes work in the Caribbean, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda, and more information is available at:

European Union

This project is proudly supported and funded by the European Commission.

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