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Independent Evaluation of infoDev 2013

infoDev recently completed an independent evaluation, in line with World Bank requirements for all Global and Regional Partnership Programs (GRPPs). The evaluation took place over the past calendar year (2013) and assessed the program for the fiscal years 2007-2011.

The evaluation had three goals:

i. To assess the performance of the infoDev program over the fiscal years 2007-2011 in terms of its relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, innovativeness, financial sustainability as well as its presence in the World Bank; 
ii. To draw lessons from the years under review, identify successes, assess the effectiveness of the evolution of infoDev’s work program;  and 
iii. To provide recommendations to the infoDev Secretariat, World Bank Management and to infoDev’s donors and partners on the future strategic positioning of the program and how to address any potential issues or shortcomings identified by the evaluation.
The evaluation revealed infoDev's positive value as an innovation "lab" and as a knowledge broker. The program was viewed as highly relevant by its client beneficiaries, including incubators, accelerators and growth-oriented entrepreneurs. It was recognized by client governments for its relevance and viewed by them as a strategic and inclusive partner. The private sector, particularly those interested in forging public-private partnerships (notably in the mobile industry), also evinced the value they saw in working with infoDev. The  program was assessed as having played a catalytic role in stimulating new initiatives to support and enable growth entrepreneurs in developing countries. infoDev's flagship Global Forum event was assessed as an important convening opportunity for a range of diverse stakeholders and actors in the innovation ecosystem.

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