infoDev Annual Pro...

infoDev Annual Progress Report 2019

The infoDev Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) program contributes to the mission and goals of the Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation (FCI) Global Practice under the Equitable Growth, Finance and Institutions Vice Presidency at the World Bank Group.  FY19 was another strong year for the program with good results in the majority of program targets: 

  • All but three of the 20 output-level targets for the program were met or exceeded. For example, to date the program has delivered 750 workshops, seminars, and training events (target: 295); run nearly 2,700 coaching sessions for entrepreneurs (target: 960); forged more than 100 partnerships with financial service providers (target: 35); and operationalized 12 partnerships with investors (target: 1). 
  • The program is nearing completion and met or exceeded the majority of outcome-level results: more than 100 entrepreneurs raised early-stage finance (target: 44), with an aggregate value of US$17 million (target: US$2.4 million). In addition, 32 entrepreneurs raised growth-stage finance (target: 118), with a value of US$17.2 million (target: US$10.1 million). Additional sales revenue generated by the firms totaled US$43.8 million (target: US$6.6 million). 
  • The results of impact-level indicators show more than 2,400 direct jobs created (target: 1,340); almost 5,900 farmers reached (target: 3,000); and almost 10.9 million users reached by digital products and services developed by the startups (target: 9.7 million). 



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