infoDev, EBN to "c...

infoDev, EBN to "co-incubate" Colombian start-up

Landmark partnership aims to define path to internationalization for small firms
infoDev is excited to announce a collaboration with the European Business & Innovation Center Network (EBN). The two business incubator networks are partnering to internationalize EtherVoice, a small Colombian voice technology company and winner of infoDev?s TOP20 SME prize.
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The two networks are currently organizing “co-incubation” for the company, sending them from their home CREA-ME incubator in Colombia to Asturias Technology Park in Llanera, Spain. The company expressed interested in entering the Spanish market as part of their “internationalization prize package”.

EtherVoice is working with managers from both incubators, EBN, and infoDev to identify strategies to enter the Spanish market. These may involve market research related to their product, customer development, customer acquisition, and legal services.

This pilot is the first collaboration between the EBN Soft-Landing Club and infoDev’s co-incubation pilot program. We look forward to a successful trial, which will be a first step in refining a realistic method for the international expansion of small firms in developing economies.

Internationalization- The expansion of business enterprise beyond a local market for the purpose of gaining access to customers, partners and/or financiers.

Co-incubation or Soft-landing- The exchange of hosted client enterprises between two incubators in different localities, nations, or regions for the purpose of internationalization.

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