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infoDev Study Shapes $40 million World Bank e-Ghana Project

Identifying opportunities in the global ITES-BPO sector

How can Ghana harness ICT to complete regionally and internationally in growing market for IT-enabled services (ITES-BPO)? A recently published infoDev report, commissioned in partnership with the Government of Ghana and the World Bank Group, provides a framework for evaluating the key drivers for the IT-enabled service sector (ITES-BPO), compares Ghana with other regional and global competitors in ITES-BPO and makes concrete recommendations on how to enable growth in this sector. These recommendations are being addressed as part of the $40 million World Bank e-Ghana project.

Ghana has entered a phase of accelerated economic expansion over the last three years with real GDP growth averaging 5.2 percent, compared to a twenty year average of 4.4 percent.  Despite this acceleration, the pressures from a more liberalized global economy are mounting, particularly in agriculture, which currently represents about 35 percent of GDP.  In response to increased global competition, the Government of Ghana has identified ITES along with agri-processing, tourism and other value-added sectors as key to further economic growth. 

Today, the ICT sector in Ghana is only a small part of the economy as evidenced by ITES (includes BPO such as call centers, claim processing, etc), which currently provides approximately 2,000 jobs.  Therefore, in order for Ghana to realize its potential in IT-Enabled Services (ITES) and other sectors, technology and international markets will need to be improved in order to leverage the recent promising developments in these sectors. 

infoDev, in close cooperation with the World Bank Group and the Government of Ghana, through the Ministry of Communications, commissioned an in-depth review of the potential for, and constraints to, the further development of competitive ICT and ITES sectors in Ghana.  The report includes:

  • An analysis of Ghana’s ability to compete globally as well as regionally in the information technology-enabled services (ITES)-business process outsourcing/offshoring (BPO) sector and the primary constraints to improving Ghana’s competitiveness in the sector.
  • Recommendations for concrete actions for Ghana to increase its competitiveness and capability as an ITES-BPO destination, and target ITES-BPO activities and market segments in which it can be competitive in the short and medium term.
  • A roadmap for developing the ITES-BPO industry in Ghana, including a skills development component,policy framework, and measurement matrix.
  • Recommended investment promotion strategy for developing and attracting investments in Ghana’s ITES-BPO sector.
  • A monitoring and evaluation framework for the ITES-BPO sector in Ghana, providing baselines and targets.

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