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infoDev/WINC Acceleration Programme for Women Entrepreneurs: Invitation to Become a Certified Facilitator!

infoDev is hereby inviting interested candidates to become certified facilitators for the WINC Acceleration Program within the framework of its ‘Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean’ (EPIC), a seven-year program funded by the Government of Canada.  

As a core offering, the Women Innovators Network of the Caribbean (WINC) will provide a comprehensive suite of service offerings to women entrepreneurs via this Acceleration Program (AP) in order to assist them grow substantially.  This will be open to such entrepreneurs across the region from all sectors, although particular efforts will be made to attract participants involved in mobile and climate technologies.

WINC’s AP will be organized and delivered by infoDev-certified AP Facilitators, selected on the basis of their demonstrated soft skills, business development skills and keen interest in supporting growth-oriented women entrepreneurs.  By means of this application process, infoDev will select up to candidates from across the EPIC countries in Caribbean to be trained and certified as WINC AP Facilitators.

To learn more as well as to apply, visit to access WINC's AP Facilitators Application Form.

The introductory sections of this form provide details about the AP Facilitators’ training, accreditation and certification; contractual arrangements and responsibilities; key attributes and qualifications; and application and selection processes.

The deadline for applications is 11pm EST on Sunday 21st December 2014.

Questions can be sent to  or through before close of Wednesday 17th December 2014.  Responses to all questions will be posted on WINC’s FB page so that the same information is accessible to everyone.

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