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Growing through Partnerships and Learning Events

Updates from the Kenya Climate Innovation Center (May-June 2014)

This past May was a busy month for the Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC). From hosting learning events to signing international partnerships, the Kenya CIC continues to strive to better serve its clients by building strategic partnerships and inviting insightful speakers. Learn more from KCIC's e-Alert.


Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) organizes an annual forum that brings together governments, civil society organizations, the private sector and individuals that are at the forefront in pushing a green growth agenda. Its mission is to demonstrate how better collaboration can enable long-term inclusive green growth. Danida, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, signed an agreement appointing the Kenya CIC as the 3GF secretariat in Kenya. The government of Kenya intends to use the 3GF platform to advance partnerships that can support the country to realize its green growth agenda.

The 3GF partnership has highlighted Kenya’s intention to engage in water management, energy systems, food production, and land restoration.  Following the ‘3GF Partnership Approach’, the KCIC will work with leads in various tracks to develop effective public-private partnerships. In June, they will organize a conference to bring stakeholders together in Kenya and later attend the annual forum in Copenhagen. Danida has set aside Kshs. 34 million ($400k) to support KCIC as the local 3GF secretariat.

Later in the month, the Kenya CIC hosted access2innovation, a Danish innovation network that enables and facilitates commercially profitable and innovative approaches to sustainable development in both urban and rural environments. Access2innovation focuses on identifying high-potential opportunities to connect Danish companies with Kenyan entrepreneurs in order to share knowledge and technology. Their collaboration will continue throughout 2014 and hopes to bring a number of Danish companies to Kenya to partner with KCIC clients. In order to launch their partnership, on May 19th, access2innovation gave a two-hour presentation to the KCIC clients and then took individual appointments to interact in-depth with several companies for the entire following day.

Finally, towards the end of the month, on May 23rd, the KCIC continued its ‘Business meets Innovation’ series, which features different inspiring speakers throughout the year. James Karundu is a motivational speaker and author of “7 Keys for Success Beyond Chance”, who specializes in working with entrepreneurs. Karundu spoke about understanding the “needs and demands of your target market” because as he adequately stated, “if customers don’t want the product, even free is not cheap enough to entice them.” Furthermore, Karundu spoke to the perseverance required to achieve success, stating “work at it, if necessary, early and late, in season and out of season, not leaving a stone unturned, and never deferring for a single hour that which can be done just as well now.” 

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