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Kenya Climate Innovation Center (CIC) Business Plan

"The Climate Innovation Centre (CIC) has a role to play in transforming Kenya to a middle income country as called for in the Government’s Vision 2030. Specifically to achieve the essential technological advancement and catalyze innovative technology among SMEs."

-Alex Alusa, Office of the Prime Minister, Kenya

Economies around the world are re-orientating towards low-carbon, green growth paths. Technology, and its deployment and diffusion, is acknowledged as a key factor in efforts to mitigate and adapt to the current and future impacts of climate change. Therefore, accelerating innovation and technology transfer is in global focus. As an economic hub of East Africa, Kenya is a key stakeholder in this effort.

Utilizing its experience of innovation in over 80 developing countries, infoDev engaged Kenyan stakeholders to conduct an assessment of the climate innovation landscape and thereby examine the feasibility of a “Climate Innovation Center” (CIC) as a mechanism to maximize innovation in Kenya. By analyzing current capacity and market gaps, a business plan has been proposed which outlines the focus, implementation strategy, investment requirements and impact of a CIC in Kenya.

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